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  • I’ll Have What She’s Having: Madonna in menswear whites

    Madonna with her adorable son, David Banda.

    Tailored, chic and an all white look you will want to try…

    I am not really a fan of photos of celebs taken when they are doing private things. But in Madonna’s case her life is like a breadcrumb trail in anticipation of her next great event.

    Seen leaving Saturday Kabbalah Services in New York this weekend, Madonna was spotted wearing an exceptional menswear look in traditional Kabbalah white.

    Too much of a fashionably good thing can be difficult to pull off. Both menswear can be tricky to wear without looking like a dragking and all white can be difficult to manage without looking like Nurse Ratchet, but Madonna knows how to get it right– timing and style should really be her middle name.

    I love her knee-length single-breasted topper, particularly since there was an unseasonable chill in the air this weekend. Shorten the coat to a menswear blazer and you have a perfect summer outfit!

    The key to wearing head-to-toe white is to mix in different textures and shades of white like cream, ivory, bone, chalk, dust, and alabaster. The subtle nuance of a variety of almost-white while the play of textures like nubby, smooth, and linen keep it all interesting and flattering without the flat glare of an all-white ensemble than can look rather tacky.

    Madonna’s beige tribly hat, with its brim turned up just a bit, atop some big square rectangular tortoise frame sunglasses add instant chic and softness to a menswear. Unfussed hair is always a more stylish choice when wearing structured hats. Her loose fitting nubby knit top in cream and simple pendant necklace add subtle glam.

    All in all, the look is tailored, classic, and very modern. Bravo Ms. M!

    Take note of Madonna’s style with some of these fashion options:–May 18, 2009Photo credit: Janet Mayer / PR Photos

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