Go ahead, give yourself permission to make your outfit pop…

How to add a little tzuj to your life with New York Fashion Week inspiration.

Hey, it’s New York Fashion Week and I thought this would be the perfect time to come in and give a little nudge to take some helpful advice from the fashion world.

Even with my years in the style industry, as a business owner who works from home, I know it can get difficult to actually put emphasis on what you wear (when no one sees you). Especially when your familiar, comfy clothes are staring right back at you all the time…

Entrepreneurs can easily fall prey to this hum drum routine.

But ignoring what you wear starts the ripple effect of being lackluster that transcends into your work, your vibes and your attitude.  Ultimately, being blah affects your productivity. 

So, I invite you to take advice from fashion people and add a little tjuz into your life to make your outfits pop.   Challenge yourself to find that extra something to add your personal spark.

I created this walk and talk video as I was leaving the  #alberelebazxlesportsac event the other night to help you get out of your comfort zone.



Honestly, as I was leaving the event, it got me thinking that as an entrepreneur working from home I too am guilty of sometimes dismissing the tzuj for smart “practical” basics.

Although, they are stylish in their own right, they don’t have the same edge of really finding that extra touch — the kind you add when you get out of your computer cave.

I know from experience that it’s so easy as an entrepreneur to get stuck in your stuff and forget about yourself.

So once in awhile, challenge yourself… find your moment… bring back some of your old favorites and tzuj it up!


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Okay, so I barely ever do an #ooftd selfie, but never say never. . Frankly, I wish you could see more of my shoes but whatever.👠 . The point is every once in awhile you need to get out of your comfort zone… Tszuj it up whether going for an 1988 glam vibe or doing an outfit selfie. . I used to wear earring like crazy but gave them up during my minimalist phase- I pulled out my favorite vintage Yves Saint Laurent button earrings last night, paired an embellished mini from a young designer from Senegal over ripped jeans, Tamara Mellon angle wrap gold heeled ballerinas, and a big red Mansur Gabriel bag for a pop of color, and a suede scrunchie from Forever 21 to beat the heat! . 📺 Swipe over to #IGTV to see the video I made for you- you’ll get done more style tips to get you out if your entrepreneurial cave. . If you think about it, all I need was Tszuj up my top from regular work from home clothes. You can do it too! . Do you want to see more outfit shots? . . . . #workfromhome #confidence #nyfw #saintlaurent #mansurgavriel #tamaramellon #focusonstyle #styleblogger #beseen #bossbabes #businesscoaching #growyourbusiness #businesswoman #goaldigger #nomoreexcuses #smallbusinessowner #millionairemindset #successfulwomen #personaldevelopment #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurmotivation #businessminded #femaleentrepreneur

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Fashion is having this time where you add a little more glam, it can be:

  • bigger shoulders details (this type is from a young designer from Somolia)
  • glitters on
  • ballerina shoes (mine are ankle wraps with gold heels by Tamara Mellon)
  • big Mansur Garviel red bag;
  • and my favorite vintage Yves Saint Laurent clip-on earrings
  • Oh yeah, this is all worn with frayed jeans for a less fussy edge.

Nothing fancy, just adding a little extra to what you already have and make it more glamorous while staying true to your brand.

Because if you think about it while leaving a fashion glammed up party, then all of a sudden you see the freedom tower (in memory of 9/11) and you realize how important life really is and how important it is to stick to your meaning and to go on and never let anyone take you down — and New York is like that, one side fashion week, one side the Freedom Tower.

Let me know what you need and make sure to head over to StyleWORDBook.com, your stylist express for high-impact style + fashion advice that gets to the point — and inspire your best-dressed self.

Here’s some party shots from Instagram. Follow me there.


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I usually 86 fashion parties these day but so glad I made to the super adorable launch for Alber Elbaz for Le Sport Sac last night. . Not only are the bags fab for travel but the party had such a fun vibe. . 👠⭐️🔥Back in my heavy #NYFW coverage days I had a team of 7ish people covering shows for FocusOnStyle.com. . We even had a team in London to post so the time zone worked out for your reading. . People think attending fashion week is so glam and fun but it’s HARD work when you’re writing reviews, getting photos, and seeing up to 15 shows a day (more when I write my syndicated newspaper column). . These days I go sparingly and with purpose to bring you a taste of what you need to help you be seen out there. . Enjoy last night’s party…. . … fashion events always make you jaded when it comes to throwing a fun & fast party. . (Hello stake business events, we’re talking to you), Really fashion people do it better💕 . Check out the bags when they hit the stores. . More in my story and on #IGTV . . . . . #nyfw #fashionshow #alberelbazxlesportsac #aboutlastnight #styleblogger #fashionweek #focusonstyle #ladyboss #femaleentrepreneur #womanentrepreneur #businesscoachforwomen #personalbranding #goaldigger #millionairemindset #personalbranding #beseen #confidence #dreamjob #fashionblogger #iloveny #eventdesign #successstory #personaldevelopment #marketingyourself #personalbrand #personalbrandcoach

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Hope it helps. Let me know what you need and make sure to head over to StyleWORDBook.com, your stylist express for high-impact style + fashion advice that gets to the point — and inspire your best-dressed self.

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