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  • The Art of Positioning in the Mind’s Eye


    How people see you makes a difference in your business.

    You may have heard about this phrase — positioning is the new currency. But what does this mean?

    It goes without saying that people are influenced by entrepreneurs who they can relate to or look up to.

    In layman’s terms, how people see you and perceive you is exactly WHAT and HOW they think of you in their mind.

    So most of the time were talking about brand image, brand stature and message positioning but very rarely we talk about simple things that impact how people see you in photos such as how your sitting to the camera.

    Take my video below as an example where I am sitting down and take note of the camera angle. Although this shot may seem cool and interesting especially with Mr. Poodle sitting right next to me, I can tell you two reasons why this shot isn’t great:

    • You can see the lines in my forehead, which is a little creepy; and

    Watch my Live Video: Learn how to project yourself in a leadership position by simply adjusting the camera angle.

    What does positioning tell us?

    If I want you to have someone become a part of your tribe and bring them over to your side, to learn and to understand value from you, you want them to be able to look up to you as a thought leader and as an expert, right?

    So that’s the thing you need to keep in mind when your doing your photos or headshots.

    • The goal is for people TO WANT to know more about you by putting yourself in a leadership position.
    • You want to make sure that people are NOT looking down at you — no matter that might be cool shot!

    And don’t forget, when you’re doing a live video or photos for social media or your headshot, place yourself in a way that makes your audience want to look up to you as a thought leader and as an expert. Grab your free copy of HowToLookGreatInPhotos and learn how to take those authentic snaps that will carry a much more significant message than a pro shoot could ever bring.

    How you position yourself and people perceive you can make or break your business — make it count.

    So, if you wanna know how to have more time off, how to really get a little more productive in your schedule and how to have a calendar that is perfect enough so that you have a life that works for you and your business — let me know, we’ll see if either the team can help you really get good at making flexible calendar, get a flexible schedule so you can enjoy your life as an entrepreneur…

    And you can be the best at being you and have the time and energy to show up in your MOST AUTHENTIC SELF, without burnout and without overwhelm.

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