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  • Martha Stewart’s recipe for style from Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley


    Lady Gaga with a Lobster is not the only tasty dish.

    Stay tuned to today’s edition of ‘The Martha Stewart Show‘ where Vogue’s Editor-at-Large Andre Leon Talley dishes with Martha Stewart about his favorite shows from this year’s New York Fashion Week, his experience as a new addition to ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and some of his tips on what’s hot and not in today’s world of fashion.

    Andre also illuminates his impeccable personal style by wearing the coat one of his favorite designers, Ralph Rucci, made exclusively for him in remembrance of dance legend Pina Bausch.

    Andre: You can make you own rules. There are no rules in fashion anymore.
    Martha: That’s right.
    Andre: You don’t want to go out looking like Lady Gaga with a Lobster on your head unless you are Lady Gaga

    Martha: Of this year, which of the shows impressed you the most? It was a good year.
    Andre: It was a fabulous year. I think Ralph’s [Ralph Rucci] was fabulous. The twins, the sisters from California, Rodarte, young sisters from California, they are wonderful. And Ralph Lauren, which I really, really loved.
    Martha: His ads are so beautiful.
    Andre: His clothes are so beautiful. He is like you. You’ve got an empire and a brand, it’s the brand. You give people the dream and the lifestyle with his clothes, you know? And if you go in and buy a Ralph Lauren sweater, it’s incredible. You feel like that Ad, that he is showing you.
    Martha: You do.
    Andre: It’s great.
    Martha: And you actually are the ad.
    Andre: Exactly.
    Martha: Because what he promises, he gives.

    Andre Leon Talley at the Spring 2010 Chado Ralph Rucci show

    Andre Leon Talley at the Spring 2010 Chado Ralph Rucci show

    Martha: So, stand up and show this beautiful outfit. Now Andre has the most amazing clothes you have ever seen.
    Andre: Now this…
    Martha: Look at this.
    Andre: Look at my shoes.
    Martha: Oh, yeah!
    Andre: The point of this is, this is not some pornographic thing. These are dancers from the Pina Bausch dance company and our friend, last spring made a homage to Pina Bausch who passed away. So he took a silk screen and made a silk screen of some of the dancers from one of her dances.
    Martha: And then he created these beautiful coats for Andre. Andre makes a fashion statement himself everywhere he goes. That coat, that white alligator coat, full length.
    Andre: You have to have these things. Just like the way you have to have those bushes and stones up and wrapped. You have to have these things in life.


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