The iconic New Wave wardrobe of Aimee Mann is a vintage fashion score

80’s New Wave cool is decidedly timeless in its avante-garde fashion way

I’ll try not to count how many times that I got dressed to go out to a club with MTV playing in the background.

1985 YOHJI YAMAMOTO Asym Sarong Skirt w Suspender Str

But I will tell you that one of my favorite 80’s groups was ‘Til Tuesday.

What I really loved was how real and downtown the the lead singer Aimee Mann looked in in the videos in comparison to some other pop stars at the time who looked like they were styled and ready to go to spring break in Daytona.

As a just-hatched stylist and seasoned downtown club goer during the New Wave era, I was always amazed at how what we wore, what we saw never really translated to video, short of Madonna.

She had the look and the beat. Aimee had that Japanese cool, the counter-culture edge that redefined what chic was all about by way of designers like Yohji Yamamoto, Comme Des Garcons, Jean Paul Gaultier, Katherine Hamnett, and the like that made Charivari the boutique that it was.

Now, here’s a really fantastic inside fashion tip… Our friend’s over at VagabondNYC just scored an avalanche of gorgeous, cool, right on the mark, vintage pieces from the New Wave fashion era. Guess who they belonged to? Are you sitting down?

80’s KATHERINE HAMNETT Fluid Gray Top w Tuxedo Hem

Yes, yes, it’s New Wave Icon AIMEE MANN’S PERSONAL WARDROBE!

Gorgeous, cool, iconic pieces like the unbelievable early 80’s YOHJI YAMAMOTO gray pajama pantsuit that Aimee wore in the ‘Voices Carry’ video, pictured above and video clip below.

I died when I heard, you’ll die when you see them, but you should buy fast ’cause I know they won’t last…
it’s all about the big designer names of the period and Andrea and Naveed styled them so you can see how really cool they look today.

All this upcoming hush hush about the big New Wave vintage extravaganza over at VagabondNYC has had me revisit some of my Yohji and Gaultier pieces, and I can attest as to how timeless they really are… and how many compliments I get when I wear them.

80's JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Green Convertible Tube Dress

80’s JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Green Convertible Tube Dress

The best part about that period in fashion is that it was never trendy, always on-trend but ahead of the pack in it’s neo-classic style.

Click over and look at the iconic collection, not only will you be getting unbelievable, easy to wear, avante-gard yet timeless style, but you will be wearing a piece of rock history too!

Oh. my only regret from that time… I was never quite able to bleach my hair out in that clubby platinum way… you’ll see Aimee with the platinum pixie cut in the ‘Voices Carry’ video, the chick even made a rat tail look cool.

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Listen to ‘Til Tuesday:

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