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  • Maternity Wedding Gowns: June Bride Busting Out All Over…

    maternity wedding gowns

    style + for the bride with the bump

    This is not for those who veer to the extreme right.

    Some plan for their wedding before the proposal.

    Then there are others where the idea of planning escapes them entirely.

    SHOPPING GUIDE: Maternity

    Surprise, surprise, no expectant bride wants to look like an igloo with legs when she takes her vows.

    Custom designed  maternity wedding gowns can take more time to create than the pregnancy itself. Plus, who wants to book a bunch of wedding dress fittings between check-ups and upchucks?

    Life may be full of choices, but when it comes to maternity wedding gowns most tend to resemble the tent that party takes place in rather than what the bride wants to be wearing. “Maternity wedding gowns don’t have to be boring and lifeless. You want to look and feel as special outside as you do inside,” says Julia Blumin owner/president of

    Julia’s site offers custom-designed maternity wedding dresses that even the most jaded bride-to-be can blush about. The lean designs of the site’s maternity wedding gowns flatter your blossoming figure by making you appear taller and shapelier. Now go celebrate.

    –June 20, 2003

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