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  • Men’s Style: Adrien Brody rocks the ‘Hairy Hipster’ look


    Beards and greasy hair are taking over the downtown scene…

    Just last night while having dinner in SoHo, I counted seven men in deliberate need of a trim and, perhaps, a bottle of shampoo.

    The Hairy Hipster-cum-Geek-cum-Poet-cum-Anarchist look is on a fast rise from Williamsburg to NoLita to clear out of downtown New York.

    I admittedly have a cringe thing for extraneous ungroomed hair in any area, but come on guys, can you at least not look like you joined the army of the great unwashed???

    How about an occasional beard trim to tidy up the edges, some hair wax to make your hair look piecey but not filthy, and a perfectly worn T-shirt– without the stains?? Huh, just asking. No begging.

    Adrien Brody in Versace- Spring/Summer 2009 faded windowpane black two-button wool suit paired with black patent lace-up shoes

    Here, we have actor Adrien Brody dressed exquisitely in a faded windowpane black two-button wool suit by Versace. Adrien was gussied up for “The Brothers Bloom” screening and film festival opening award ceremonies in Dallas, Texas where he also picked up the 2009 AFI Dallas International Film Festival “Star Award.”

    The contrast of Adrien’s undone grooming in combination with a perfectly tailored suit works in just the right modern way. However, in this case I thankfully bet that a stylist was involved and his beard is not that long and is ever-so-slightly groomed!

    Hairy Hipsters please note: Style is in the mix so please mix in a bar of soap and some scissors to your repertoire. One good article of clothing will not hurt either.


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