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  • Slingback pumps and pantyhose… Is hosiery a dated don’t or fashion do?

    Slingback pumps and pantyhose...    Is hosiery a dated don't or fashion do?

    Q:Slingback pumps and pantyhose- fashion don’t or style do?

    Is it okay to wear slingback shoes when wearing stockings? (via gMail)



    Tinted sheer pantyhose from subtle tints to rich jet, light textures, or patterned tights is very much on the radar. As spring styles lean towards fuller 1950’s skirts, drapey Grecian silhouettes, and a broader shoulder, the leg tends to call for more substance than a bare leg and modern pantyhose is in order.

    However, your hosiery must be shown off to look right!

    When it comes to pantyhose, you need to think in extremes: Chiffon sheer in a subtle tint or rich jet to the ultimate vivid opaque or textured tights. The bolder your hose, the more you can wear it in contrast with an open-toe shoe or sandal.

    Slingback pumps are very chic, particularly styles with contrast heels or colored platforms. The bolder your shoe style is, the bolder your hose style can be.

    What you don’t want to do is wear old school, conservative nude stockings and try to pass it off as a bare leg. The universal no-no is to never wear sheer nude hosiery with open toe shoes or strappy sandals— it just looks tacky.

    When the weather gets warm, you can try those toe peds that are supposed to cover the front of your foot or some of those gimmicky pantyhose contraptions that are designed to suit specific shoes styles. Personally, I never find any of these so-called tricks to work and the best solution is simply to wear hosiery or go bare legged.

    –April 2, 2009


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