Men’s Style Cheat Sheet- Fall 2013 Men’s Fashion Runway Trends and How To Wear Them Now- like in your wardrobe, really!

Hello gentlemen, before you get your back up, let’s get inspired to add a little  f-a-s-h-i-o-n into your wardrobe, by at least looking at what is going on for men’s style Fall 2013 runway trends that you can add to your wardrobe now.

Great style is all about interpretation on how it best flatters you. We made it easy with some how-to’s and  reason’s why you should consider these fashion looks.We even have some real way shopping picks at the end–S.H.

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With the Fall 2013 season ahead comes a clear heritage moment where advanced fabrication and a restrained attitude lent the season a calmly alluring set of new tricks to contemplate -along with some ideas on how to make them work for you.


Learn a thing or two on how to work next fall 2013 men’s fashion runway trends this season and be ahead of the pack:

Ornate Decoration-

Louis Vuitton Fall 2013

Seen at: Louis Vuitton, Miharayasuhiro, Neil Barrett

This may be the most complex of the men’s Fall 2013 fashion runway trends for the average guy, but think of matching more classic menswear prints to get a taste of this trends.

Head to toe prints of the past made way for an entirely new way of flaunting what you’ve got. From Brit art duo Dinos and Jake Chapman’s deluxe ‘hell’ prints & embroideries on Louis Vuitton’s on-trend robes and other dandy essentials to Miharayasuhiro’s decadent gold inflicted Japanese inspired motifs, the season’s take on heritage menswear was kicked up with beautifully realized extras. For those looking for something more urbane, leather panels remained a prominent key element, best seen at Neil Barrett with a slew of minimal panel sweatshirt style tops.

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Our Take: While it may be fresh on the runway, we’re sure most of you have pieces in your current wardrobes that may be similar, yet the trick here is to look for pieces that have a refined spirit. A printed t-shirt or flannel just won’t do, but a classic double breasted-coat with regal appliques at the cuff sure will for starters.

Rethought Plaid-

E. Tautz Fall 2013

Here, you may want to ditch the riding cap and opt for a smaller plaid… be inspired.

Seen at: Valentino, Moschino, E. Tautz, Fendi, Gucci, Jil Sander

From graphic pops of ombre plaid at Fendi to magnified houndstooth at E.Tautz, standard plaid was reworked in every iteration possible with an assortment of fresh options. Baby blue windowpane plaids at Gucci and a faded illusion plaid at Jil Sander (top) fit the bill perfectly.

Our Take: You’ve got plaids, we’ve got plaids, nothing new here right? Take a second look, as all the recent plays on print have brought plaid back to the forefront of a heritage heavy season ahead. The trick here is to look for plaids that are distinctive, yet somehow remarkably subtle. This is once again where a classic shape is key as well as clean finishes to avoid a cliché and aging punk look.

The Fluid Trouser-

Miharasuyo Fall 2013

Ok, stand up if you didn’t even notice that full cut pants were out of style for the past decade?  If that old suit of yours is brown AND has fluid pants, don’t even reconsider it… please.

Seen at: Damir Doma, Sacai, E Tautz, Christophe Lemaire

Sure, they weren’t the only style we saw out there, in fact it was a season of all type of trouser, from fitted and skinny to pleated and high on volume, but what stuck out this season was a wider leg.

Our Take: Take caution, as it’s a no brainer that the wider the leg on a men’s trouser, the shorter he will look. That said, if you are vertically challenged, go ahead and make a play on proportions. Pair a fluid wider leg with a crisp topper to broaden the shoulder. And if you’re taller, sit back and enjoy a comfortable trend for once.


Valentino Fall 2013

Count Dracula and Sherlock Holmes aside, a certain type of guy can elegantly pull off an evening cape. Think about how lovely it looks upon exiting your Bugatti sedan? Dream with me…

Seen at: Valentino, Louis Vuitton

As womens trends often tend to trickle down onto men’s runways, we know this is most definitely for less than one percent out there, yet we can’t deny how regal the authoritative capes we saw for Fall 2013 were.

Our Take: If you’re prone to streetstyle photogs hounding you or need to make a grand appearance at a royal engagement, then this one’s right up your alley. But boy do they look nice, most notably at Valentino where they came with leather panels rendered in plaid.

Pajama Dressing-

Dries Van Noten Fall 2013

PJ’s have worked for Hugh Hefner for centuries years, so don’t knock it until you try it…

Seen at: Yohji Yamamoto, Dries Van Noten, Comme Des Garcons

This is not a call to get comfy, all though it most likely will be. As womenswear often borrows from the boys, ultra-chic pajama elements make for a welcome return for the modern man. Dries Van Noten used his robes and pajama separates in ethnic prints to evoke a wild playboy by pairing them with party-ready leathers for the ultimate in fantasy.

Our Take: Think vintage on this one, even look back at classic films if you need some schooling as this is one idea that can look extraordinarily handsome when executed with the right eye. As at Dries, the easiest way to make it work without looking too retro is by pairing pieces unexpectedly. Who’s to say that a precious silken robe that looks elegant enough for Napoleon won’t look good with cargo pants and a military jacket? Try it, and add a chunky knit, we dare you.

The Oversized Coat-

Neil Barrett Fall Men 2013

And, THE BEST FOR LAST… no excuses because the oversized coat looks ever so right…

Seen at: Neil Barett, Lanvin, Moncler Gamme Bleu, Fendi, Acne

From substantial patchworks at McQueen to color-block at Carven, the large overcoat made its way on to almost every runway of the season in smart iterations aplenty. From stand-by chalkstripe to double-breasted in every imaginable fabrication out there, the biggest story of them all was the big coat.

Our Take: Of all the oversized coats out there, the most prominent feature was a curved shoulder that evoked the couture silhouette’s of Balenciaga and gave many a look a 60’s tinge. Stick to outerwear that’s fuss free with a stand out shape as this is one trend that’s not going to be going anywhere soon. –Naveed Hussain

Ok, guys, tell us in the comments below, how experimental do you go in your men’s style?

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