Top 3 Men’s Style Tips for Stylish Big Guys Clothes That Fit Right

qDear Sharon: I was hoping you could help me with a problem I have finding stylish big guy clothes that fit me correctly and need some stylist advice to find a flattering style. I am a large size man who hates shopping for clothes because nothing fits due to my unnatural body shape.

I usually get an XXL which fits my shoulders, but it  is a little long and usually too tight around my midsection.

However, an  XXXL is just too loose around my body. Do you have any advice or styles I could use to help alleviate my stress when it comes to shopping? Any advice or help would be much appreciated! (J. via Fashion Advice)

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Ok, you may not like this, but… when you, or I, or anyone is heavier finding clothes that fit the lumps and bumps and protrusions is not so easy all the time. You need to know how to work it to your advantage.

Most people have what you call an “unnatural body shape,” which I would have to assume is not the perfect V-shape of a male model. But, HELLO, that’s why they are models who fit clothes rather easily (sometimes) and the rest of us have to find our fashion fit sweet spot.

Spanx for Men Cotton Compression V-Neck
Spanx for Men Cotton Compression V-Neck

Try these top 3 men’s style tips for stylish big guys clothes that fit right:

Tailor- First off, when you invest in better clothes it is ALWAYS wise to have them tailored to suit your physique. Select the size larger that fits nicely across your shoulders and have the rest tailored to flatter. You can even Google custom tailors online who can make suits to your body shape. It may not be a bad idea to also have some of your woven shirts tailored as well.

Suck It In- Women have been doing it for years and so have many a guy in the limelight. Try a T-shirt that holds you in. Spanx for Men Cotton Compression Crew comes up to a XXL and is available in black and white. There are plenty of other control undergarments for men. You’ll fake a fabulously smooth silhouette.

Layer- Again, the same styling tricks that are good for the goose are good for the gander. Wear a T-shirt  or knit that nicely fits over your belly (even better with a compression T underneath) and layer an overshirt with a straight hem over it. Be sure to wear a shirt that fits perfectly across your shoulders and has straight hem to not look sloppy and wear it open.

The extra layer will balance out your mid section and distract from looking at your belly head on. Wearing the overshirt open will also create the vertical illusion of a longer, thinner line. For a more polished or dressy look, try wearing a one-button sports jacket open instead.

It’s all in the tricks of the trade to pull of the illusion of perfection… go to it!

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