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  • Lost 100 Pounds and Wants to Wow the Gang Back Home

    Men’s Dress Tips to Go from Nerdy to a Perfect V-Shape “God”

    men’s fashion advice to go from yuck to hunk

    Dear Sharon: I am a 21-year-old guy who recently moved to Texas a few months back from Kansas City. Since I have moved down here, I have lost well over 100 pounds. I made huge life-style changes (diet and exercise), and I have reaped the benefits.

    I am going home next month to visit my parents for the first time in some months, and they have no idea that I went from a size 50 waist to a size 32 waist. I still have not bought any new clothes and I am wearing the ones that I had when I was fat. 

    I really haven’t changed my hairstyle or anything else about me. When I go home, I want to surprise my whole family with a brand new look, and a brand new me. I don’t know a thing about fashion (I have been concentrating on school). I want to go from baggy nerdy clothes to looking like a god. 

    My biggest problem is that I have a large frame. I have a 50-inch chest, but only a 32-inch waist. My body is “V” shaped, and I have a problem finding clothes that fit me correctly, especially shirts. Please help me wow my family when I go visit them! — Chipping Away to Adonis (San Antonio, TX)

    Dear Adonis: Help you wow your family??? After a surprise 100-pound weight loss, I suggest you bring some smelling salts along, just in case. Congratulations!

    I certainly hope you opted for a safe and healthy way to take off the pounds. Now it’s time to shed your baggy old clothes and muster the self-confidence to strut the new you! How were you able to resist buying something more form fitting during your take it off phase, anyway?


    When it comes to men’s bods, a V-shape is considered primo… there are scads of guys out there pining for the V-shape body that you now have. Very few people look great in everything they try on. Those who do, simply know how to dress for their body shape and that knack gives the illusion of a more perfect form.

    Having measurements that are a bit more extreme than standard clothing cuts can be problematic, if you don’t know how to work it. Consider your shape as the male equivalent of a large-busted woman with tiny hips!

    Find a neighborhood tailor who can do minor alterations to master a streamline fit. Keep in mind, that the more magic you need from a tailor, the more expensive it gets. Anything that requires something further than a few darts, nips and tucks will start to hover over to custom alterations. At that point, you may as well consider ordering a bespoke suit. Always test run a tailor on one item before you send off your whole new wardrobe…. I’m still bemoaning the pricey tailor who screwed up the waistband on my YSL pants!

    Separates are your friend. Face it, most off the rack suits will not be cut to fit your physique. But, don’t worry, two well-fitting halves equal great style. Many male models wear 32 pants, that’s the easy part. When it comes to your action hero upper torso, find the size that fits best across your shoulders and chest.

    Then have a tailor tweak the back seam of the jacket to graze your body rather than droop over your narrow lower torso. Single-breasted jackets tend create a slimmer illusion than double-breasted ones. Opt for jackets with a natural shoulder and avoid ones with shoulder pads- in some cases, the pads can be removed for a better fit. A cheap jacket looks good on no one
    Fitted or tapered shirts work wonders in keeping to a V-shape body, particularly ones with a small percentage of stretch in the fabric. Since shirts are sized for your neck, a more generous cut will blouse over your belt- a look you do not want to covet. Custom- made shirts are another option. Avoid long-sleeved shirts with full cut arms and French cuffs. Consider wearing thin layers.

    Knits are a no-brainer easy fit. Choose pullovers with a small V-neck that draw the eye down, rather than a round neck, which creates a broader shoulder line. Short sleeve T-shirts should have armholes and sleeves that gracefully fit your arm and don’t bag for a more slimming (and stylish) effect.

    Fake proportion with color. Keep your overall look monochromatic with a slight shade definition to create the illusion of balance. A black pullover with charcoal slacks is a much more user-friendly combination for your body type than a white oxford shirt and dark jeans. Use darker tones to slim and slightly lighter ones to fill-in, but avoid any dramatic break in color.

    guy 1

    When it comes to jeans, make sure they fit right in the first place-tapering a waistband just looks geeky. Stretch denim will be a wiser choice.

    Scope out blokes you know who have great haircuts and ask who cuts their hair. You may want to flip through some magazines for a guy with a similar face shape and hair texture, and color to yours. Take these photos to the hair stylist to help you explain the look you’re after.

    Stop being so modest about your body transformation and have the self-confidence to know, you look maaahvelous!!! Knock’em dead, buddy!

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