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  • What, You Didn’t Dream About Walking Down The Aisle!

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    What, You Didn’t Dream About Walking Down The Aisle! WEDDING MUST-HAVES FOR THE SHY BRIDE


    Dear Sharon:Okay, we finally decided to do it. Well, the next best thing from eloping, that is. Our wedding will be a very small, truly intimate gathering with literally a few friends and family in attendance. This isn’t a mega-deal– it’s almost a spur of the moment get-together that happens to be our union.

    I have never been the type to “dream” about my wedding-day and am truly reluctant to consider anything really bridal and froufrou, which I feel is a big financial waste for only one evening. You could say, I am practical, yet still romantic! Also, my husband-to-be and I are not kids and already have most of what we want. -Aisle of Capri

    Dear Aisle of Capri: Best of luck to you, you winsome wedded wife-to-be. There are two kinds of brides: The one who drools about an all-out fantasy, knock ’em dead for a night to remember affair. The other type of bride is the one who wants to keep things short, sweet, and chic. There is nothing right or wrong with either type of wedding, but these days the easy union is gaining popularity.

    Whether you’re getting married before a party of two or two thousand, simplicity rules. Once upon a time, a bride would spend what seemed like half her life and half her earnings on that “one night only” princess bride dress.

    Now, what’s modern is to wear a dress (or pants, or bikini, or whatever suits the locale) of divine elegance and put the emphasis on what endures… the accessories. The dress gets tucked away in the attic, but the jewels go will stay with you forever and remain a romantic reminder of the day you said, “I do”.

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    Money saved on a lavish tiered and tulle fantasy number can be wisely splurged on sparkling objects of desire like a decadent watch, earrings, or necklace in platinum, gold, pearl, diamond, or a cluster of brilliant colored gem stones– talk about practical and romantic!

    Here’s a modern thought: Since you probably were not engaged, consider a shimmering wedding band with white diamonds and then down the road, you can add a fancy-colored diamond solitaire as an anniversary gift. Simply stunning!

    Select a vintage beaded or embroidered purse that becomes a timeless fashion accessory in your wardrobe, or can even be a beautiful prop on your vanity, or framed on your dressing area wall.

    Walk down the aisle in style. Now is the time to go out and get ’em in the sexiest stilettos, just be sure they are in the palest cloud color or metallic- a good pair of classic evening sandals will provide several years of sultry allure.

    The nose knows how to remember a fragrance. We associate certain aromas with the first time we smelled them. Discover a signature perfume for this day and have its essence imprinted in your memory.

    Think about what you will wear in your hair. If you’re scoffing the classic veil, what about a strategically placed single blossom nestled to your chignon, or a garland of flowers which complement or replace your bouquet in some non-classic wildflowers mixed with scentsational herbs?

    Let’s face it, nothing lasts longer than a photograph. A week or so before your wedding-day treat yourself to a facial, put a few more highlights in your hair, have your teeth cleaned, and do whatever “maintenance” is required to enhance that healthy glow. Also, tryout several hairstyles and play with different types of makeup applications until you find your perfect look. Do give yourself some time before the big day just in case one of your beauty experiments needs some retooling. But, don’t fuss too much, you will be radiating with a joy that only comes on the day of your nuptials.

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