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  • Michael Kors Spring 2012 Fashion Show, chic and simple animal print jungle


    Michael Kors spring 2012 runway

    Runway Review Excerpt: Bravo, with this Michael Kors collection, simplicity still exudes luxury, no matter how long you’ve been trapped in the Amazon! 

    A luxury private jet filled with women crashes in the Amazon jungle and luckily everyone survives.  When the survivors are found one week later, they are all wearing the Spring 2012 Michael Kors collection!

    Torn and loosely knit sweaters, oil stained anoraks, tie dye wrap skirts, nonchalantly draped dresses hanging from the body with snake skin, chunky tribal neckpieces and gnarled hair is what the collection consists of and is precisely what our lost yet tasteful Amazonian girl would look like.

    The overall palette is very warm and rich and doesn’t really scream Spring, but it’s appropriate for the styling and instead its the lightweight and sheer fabrics that remind us of the season.


    The Kors collection is never very complicated and follows a bit of a formula.  Pieces are fairly simple, there’s not a lot of tailoring or intricate seaming; instead it’s more about mastering the drape that is revealing and casually elegant, the classic outerwear pieces, the buttery soft fabrics and of course the always present animal skins and leather that make the line luxurious and coveted by the jet-setting woman.

    She loves the line just the way it is and therefore we actually see some repeats from last seasons – the swimsuit with leather straps and buckles, the long and loose tube dress with snakeskin banded top, the oversize pocket cape and the classic safari shirt.  Collars are a perfect size, slightly larger than your classic shirt or trench but not awkwardly large.

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    I will be picking up a four-pocket utility shirt and you can’t ever go wrong with a Michael Kors trench or anorak.

    Michael Kors spring 2012 runway

    Dresses with hand applied long-stem feathers are delicately feminine while the zebra printed pencil skirt and long sleeve sheath dress add a tough sexiness.

    The warm, drab colors and well camouflaged animal prints don’t provide a huge color statement, however there are some needed punches of fire red and sunny yellow that give the line excitement.  All of the pieces in the red/orange tie dye made my heat beat a little faster than the Adele tunes playing and I would like to add one of those to my wardrobe, ideally the long dress with a snakeskin gladiator-esque halter neckline.  None of the patchwork was too appealing to me, it made the line a little too distressed.

    Michael Kors knows how to market a line and make it uber-successful, he has mastered that, and you can see he knows it by the huge grin he carries walking the runway for the finale!  Simple often isn’t catching enough for the price tag attached, but not with this collection, this simplicity still exudes luxury, no matter how long you’ve been trapped in the Amazon! — Alix Kivlin

    Alix’s photo gallery of the Michael Kors Spring 2012 fashion show:

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    Photos: Alix Kivlin

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