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  • Michelle Obama, First Lady with some personal style

    Michlle Obama

    Hallelujah, da frump is outta the (White) House…

    The Michelle Obama dress: Take that, Carla Bruni. France is not the only country with a First Lady who has some personal style.


    You all wanted change, well you’ve got it!


    Gone are frozen faces, helmet hairstyles, and sensible suits of the Republican’t do anything original when it comes to fashion administration. Now, you have a First Lady who is as unique in her fashion choices as her husband is in his campaign.

    Mrs. Obama’s bi-color red and black Narciso Rodriguez dress was a runway to real way adaption from the designer’s spring 2009 fashion show. Mr. Rodriquez gained mass acclaim when he designed the wedding dress for Carolyn Bessette to John F. Kennedy Jr. a dozen years ago. Do I hear the rumblings of yet another Camelot comparison?

    There have been all sorts of next day blabbering as to whether or not this dress was the most appropriate. Well, I think the Obama’s looked amazing as a family, coordinated in a way to evoke modernity in all.


    Say tada to the rigid and expected and say welcome to something that’s fresh.

    michlle obama


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