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  • Oslo Style: How to get new outfits for free


    Home Town Style: Oslo, Norway…

    Get some Oslo stye: Retail remedy tips to shop your closet.

    I know, going shopping with an empty wallet is not easy. Trust me, I am the kind of person who always finds great things to buy- – no matter what, no matter where, and especially when I cannot afford to buy a thing.

    However, from time to time many of us do have to rethink before buying that pair of boots that are just a bit too expensive for our empty wallets– even though we try to convince ourselves that the quality justifies its price since they will last forever… yeah right. Sometimes budget overtakes the lust for something new.

    Since many of us already have a fully packed closet with great things to wear, sometimes all we really need is some inspiration on how to put the pieces that we already own together in new combinations.

    So what would I do?

    I´d take a very close look at the shop windows for some fresh fashion inspiration. Go for a stroll, get that extra exercise and have a look at the different store windows. Is there anything shown that can inspire you to get some new ideas? What kinds of accessories are used? Which colors are put together?

    Usually, the only things you need are spectacular accessories which makes your ordinary outfit instantly transform to a wow outfit! Try to find out the key-accessories for the look you want to copy. Big or small bag? Black or brown? Leather or canvas? High heels or flats? To me, it’s the combination of pieces that make an outfit interesting. So try to figure out how the pieces are put together, and find the similar pieces in your own closet. I´m quite sure you already own most of it.

    And best of all, it’s totally free!

    There’s a new wardrobe lurking inside of your closet, if you just know what to look for. Good luck on you window-shopping! (after closing time of course..)

    Look at my photo gallery from my latest window shopping stroll in Oslo earlier this week, and hopefully you can get inspired by some of Oslo´s trendiest shop windows. –Kristine, From Oslo with Style


    Don’t want to leave the house? Window Shop online!


    –November 7, 2008


    From Oslo with Style: Hege Kristine Horgen – Kristine is the editor behind Style 2 Me and loves the relaxed and urban style that living in Oslo, Norway offers. One of her top goals is to inspire women to actually wear the clothes in their closet without the need to always buy something new. Kristine shares her eclectic personal style through her own daily outfits and captures the street-style of Oslo with you.

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