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  • Move over Michelle Obama, The First Lady of Japan was awarded ‘Jeans Ambassador’

    Miyuki Hatoyama, right, wife of Japanese Prime Minister Yuko Hatoyama after being awarded the Japan Jeans Association prize.

    … and, Zac Efron doesn’t wash his jeans

    Miyuki Hatoyama, the First Lady of Japan, was awarded for her ‘ classy but revolutionary style’ in jeans by the Japan Jeans Association.

    The honor was for “wearing jeans gracefully, with a bit of a revolutionary touch,” according to AP reports.

    “I have long wished to win the prize, as I’m a big fan of jeans,” Hatoyama was also reported to say.

    JustJaredJr reports that Zac Efron said he wore the same pair of G-Star raw denim jeans for 8-weeks straight.

    “They’re my favorite jeans. I wore them all throughout High School Musical 3. I even wore them hiking. You have to wear them everywhere to get them right,” Efron said.

    Octogenarian style legend Iris Apfel knows how to infuse a mega dose of whimsy and elegance to her jeans to make them personal.

    So, tell us, what do YOUR jeans say about you?

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