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  • Michelle Obama gets it right with a Narciso Rodriguez encore

    Michelle Obama in Narciso Rodriguez

    Narciso Rodriguez to the front again…

    Hope in modern elegance continues with Michelle Obama’s selection of a gorgeous, simple chic and timeless beige coat and slender skirt ensemble by Narciso Rodriguez for yesterday’s star-studded We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration At The Lincoln Memorial.

    Repeating her unerring good taste with a modern flair from the fabulous Narissco Rodriquesz red dress and black cardie which Mrs. Obama chose for the election eve acceptance speech, her clean chic look continues.

    According to morning news reports, Mrs. Obama has not selected her wardrobe for tomorrow’s inauguration as of yet. The First Lady is said to have been busy with the family move and has much on her plate to be be fretting over her wardrobe, so why are we? With a closet full of right choices, it’s difficult to go wrong, even at the last minute.



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    –January 19, 2009


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