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  • Fashion Video Dish: William Sledd slams fashion victims in gladiator sandals

    KORS Michael Kors - Tajines, Gladiator sandals

    Oh honey, he speaks the ugly truth about Carrie Bradshaw doppelgangers…

    The Saturday Dish: There really can be too much of a good thing when it comes to trends. As William Sledd rants on in his newest video this week, he speaks the trendy truth, “When you have on a bunch of trends, you tend to NOT look trendy at all… just like you’re trying to hard.

    Think about William’s math: trendy dress + trendy gladiator sandals = hot mess.

    While he is ranting, do take note of another interesting point of Williams to consider before you break yourself out in full fashion victim glory, you are NOT on The Hills either.

    Mostly for the young Hollywood wannabe set, but please dress for yourself, create your own personal style, and and just be real… then you will have style! One trend at a time… Happy Saturday!

    Pictured, KORS Michael Kors – Tajines, Gladiator sandals

    Gladiator Heels video:

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