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  • Michelle Obama’s Hanukkah Blue on Blue Streak in Metallic Rodarte


    I’ll Have What She’s Having:  The First Lady goes chic Hannukah blue for an effortless festive look.

    Michelle Obama stylishly lit up the Festival of Lights looking thoroughly modern at a White House Hanukkah reception in a pleated Rodarte tea dress that had all the makings of a proper ladylike silhouette in an unexpected electric blue metallic fabrication.

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    Pairing it with a matching blue Erickson Beaman necklace gave the outfit some tonal ornamentation while not taking away from the looks main extravagance- its slick hue.

    Take a note from her and look for princess shapes that have a quintessentially modern vibe via non-traditional colors and finishes for your next night out on the town. -Naveed Hussain

    Take a cue from Michelle Obama’s style and make blue your new black with a few of these sapphire to midnight picks:

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