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  • Mineral Makeup Tips and Tricks

    Brigitte Bigeard says you don’t need much to get a fantastic result!

    Have you noticed that mineral makeup is a big deal and not sure why? It’s all in the ingredients but most of us don’t even know what’s in makeup to begin with!

    Most mineral foundations contain no oil, talc or fragrance which is nice for sensitive or problem skintypes.

    The foundations available are made to be natural looking pigments, many offer a low spf for better coverage and protection.

    If you aren’t sure which kind to get, your skin type will determine what’s best for you.

    Powder is best for oily skin providing a nice fresh feel and staying shine free. It is also wonderful for a matte finish.

    Dry skin will need more moisture so a liquid base is going to help get that dewy finish you might be seeking. Liquid formulations are also best for an ageing skin which often times need more moisture as well.

    The best way to use powder foundation is to turn it upside down, shake it a bit, turn it back over, tap the lid and then unscrew it. Be careful because it isn’t necessary to use much. It’s best to use a powder brush and work with the makeup from the lid of your container. You can always put more on but getting off the added layer is another story!

    Liquid is best with light touches on the forehead, chin, cheekbones and nose. Always blend downward either using your fingertips or a makeup brush for foundation.

    You don’t need much to get a fantastic result.

    Make sure that you choose a color that is identical to your skintone. Your chin should match the rest of your skintone. No need to put the foundation on the neck.
    Most makeup brands have a mineral foundation making it easy to find and affordable. Brigitte Bigeard

    There’s a fantastic assortment of mineral makeup:

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