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  • Mommy Chic: Easy style stay at home mom clothes- YES, you can wear yoga pants!

    Stay at home mom

    Ok, not too old  for one of our 15th anniversary online posts, but rather important in honor of Mother’s  Day. Yes, ladies you can look pulled together when you have a super casual lifestyle. have read with this week’s Mommy Chic post. –S.H., online since 1999!What to wear when all the moms are fashion plates. Let’s discover stay at home mom clothes for a mom who is is changing schools and feels the need to compete with the new moms in town.

    qI hope you don’t judge me on this but I feel like I’m being judged and need wardrobe help on my stay at home mom clothes. I’m a stay at home mom and really love that. We’ve relocated and my daughter is attending a new school.

    But, holy cow, when I went to a new parent’s event, I was floored by the way these moms dress up. I usually wear very casual clothes (hello yoga pants & sneakers) and don’t pay much mind to my wardrobe, which was fine by me.

    But now, I feel like I need to get dressed up to drop my daughter off at school to be part of the pack. Do I really need to compete with these new moms or can I stay the way I am?

    I mean, really, what do I wear when all the moms are fashion plates and, clearly, I am not? (via Fashion Advice.)

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    Mommy Chic: Stay at home mom clothes. CLICK in these pretty style babies.
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    A: Firstly, you should never feel that you should compete with anyone else is wearing- that’s just a self-confidence buster that serves no one.

    Of course, there are situations where you’ll find yourself in a pack of Alpha moms who spend their days trying to one up the next…. humm, I think there is a TV franchise built on those hijinks. But, it doesn’t sound like your scene to me, so don’t try to get in on the one-upmanship party.

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    That doesn’t mean that you should run around looking like a schlump either.

    Yes, you can wear yoga pants and sneakers but make sure they are the right ones to make you look polished and pulled together.

    The key is to wear more tailored pieces with your casual basics.

    I pulled some pieces & made some outfits for you to click in the collage above.

    • Try straight leg yoga pants (why not dark jeans once in a while?) that have more of a real pants vibe than leggings or flares.
    • Add a chunky sweater that covers your tush.
    • pea jacket, rather than a sweatshirt, will add instant panache. 
    • A soft leather bag, even the right knapsack, makes you look more finished than a cloth tote.
    • And, those sneakers…. I HOPE they are not of the boxy white variety, but more street chic stylish.
    • Brush your hair into a neat ponytail and sport some gorgeous frames (got you covered on the no time for morning beauty on that one).

    See, it’s really easy to look polished and put together in your stay at home mom clothes when you combine the right elements. How about giving it a try?

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    Original Publish date: : Aug 14, 2013


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