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  • Stylist Advice- Sheer or Opaque, what type of pantyhose to wear with what?

    SPANX Tights - Uptown Tight-End-Tights Blackout at Bloomingdales

    There are so many different types of pantyhose- sheer, demi sheer, nude, opaque, tights, lace, and the list goes on and on.

    Let’s help this reader, and you, figure out what type of pantyhose to wear with what.

    q  I have a draw full of black pantyhose- sheer, opaque, very opaque, and a few textured (hate them as I think they make my legs look fat). The thing, is that I never know what kind of pantyhose to wear with what kind of outfit.

    Is there any guide as to understand when it is better to wear sheer opaque over heavy tights? (via Fashion Advice)

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    There’s no doubt that all black hosiery is created equal. There are ton’s of weights and textures to legwear these days, and it certainly does not stop at basic black. However, at a certain age, your pantyhose wardrobe should stop at crazy colors and exaggerated textures… just sayin’.

    What legwear you choose to wear really has more to do with the styling of your outfit and the weight of its fabric.  But, as an overall guide, the length of your skirt is the best gauge for how heavy or sheer your hose should be.

    The shorter your skirt, the darker and more matte your tights look best, like the pair  pictured above.  Opt for a very opaque pair that you cannot see any skin through to create a long and solid leg line in balance with your barely-there skirt.

    Opaque tights that have some visibility through them look best with dresses closer to your knee or below. Usually, the denier (weight) for these is semi-opaque.

    Very sheer hose looks best at night or with a simple LBD and sexy pumps. You may even want to try some lights textured hose, like a pin dot for some drama.

    The midi hemline that’s making a return appearance, honestly looks best when work with boots in the winter or platforms in the warmer months to create a more slid base to balance the longer hemline.

    Thick to thin, there’s a legwear style for you…

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    Original Publish Date:  Jan 31, 2012

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