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  • Mommy Chic: How to boost self-confidence + style? I’m a stay-at-home mom and my fashion sense is a wreck

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    Our latest reader question comes from a young mother of two who wants to know how to boost self-confidence + style… something, we all deal with.

    We’ve gone over similar territory before, but we know everyone needs a refresher or a nudge every so often. Let’s dive in and help add some shine to her life and yours and harness her Mommy Chic  fashion potential.

    q I’m a 29 year-old stay-at-home mother of two. I have recently started struggling with my lack of fashion. I have a lot of clothes in my closet, but I really only wear a couple of things that I like.

    Most days I just wear jeans (that probably don’t flatter me at all) and t-shirts that are stained and worn out. I wear a size 14 pant and should probably wear an XL shirt due to my pooch of a belly. I am fairly tall for a woman (5′ 7″) and usually have to wear long or tall pants.

    I have some skinny, beautiful friends (who are also mothers) and I usually feel fat and ugly in comparison. I have very little self-confidence and would love to find something to boost that. I would love to find a style that is flattering, easy to wear (my kids are both very active boys and I need to keep up!) but stylish. I don’t think I can justify wearing jeans and old t-shirts when I am 30. Please help!!!!  (T.E. via Fashion Advice)

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    We all get how crazy a morning routine can be- especially, with little ones in the house! But sometimes that smidge of effort and self-care makes a boutiful difference all day… that’s why you’re asking, right?

    A cute denim tunic like this Lafayette 148 New York 'Deluxe Stretch' Denim one, looks great with speakers at the playground or a sleek wedge for dinner with hubby.

    A cute denim tunic like this Lafayette 148 New York ‘Deluxe Stretch’ Denim one, looks great with sneakers & a rolled cuff at the playground or with a sleek wedge for dinner with hubby.

    No matter what size you are or how busy you are, remember that spending a couple of extra minutes getting ready will always help boost your self-confidence and style in an instant. After all, anyone, no matter what your body & looks are going through, can look great without having to sacrifice and go through the motions.

    Let’s start with those stained clothes. Sharon often jokes that being a mom is an unofficial honor to join the party of the the stained. Sticky fingers and gunky glom have a way to adhering to a mom’s wardrobe. Combat the schmutz by wearing clothes that are easily washable rather than dry-clean only ones. Even celebrities have runaround wardrobe days and manage to look chic and not dumpy, so can you.

    And since you are 5’7, stand proud! If you’ve got great to average legs, there’s plenty of options someone of your stature can count on for a lift. For starters, tunics and dress shirts come in a variety of prints at all price points and are quite comfy to boot. Then there’s the ease of the trapeze dress, add a sleek wedge or a wedge sneaker that’s more playground friendly, and you’ve got extra height and the comfort of an oversized dress while hiding your fault lines.

    For more special occasions, or a much needed date night, think of the option above as your go-to little black dress. The darts at the waist accentuate mid-section curves to make them appear as an asset, instead of a pitfall.

    And when it comes to pants, go for something flared as they help extend the leg and look great with tunics and oversized tops.


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