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    Mr. Blackwell’s 43rd Annual Best & Worst Dressed List

    We don’t like to point fingers and name names. Our mother told us it was rude.

    We even try not to be mean-spirited- it’s just not our policy.

    Yet sometimes, a jolt of bitchiness and some eye rolling takes the edge off the day. We may not agree with Mr. Blackwell’s observations, but for the sake of what the heck, here goes it… Mr. Blackwell’s 43rd Annual Best & Worst Dressed List


    Reese Witherspoon, Debra Messing, Halle Berry, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Oprah Winfrey, Princess Firal of Jordan, Renee Zellwegger, Kate Winslett, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston.Dear All:

    Welcome to the 43th ANNUAL merry-go-round of fashion mayhem.

    THE WORST DRESS WOMEN LIST: The eclectic bunch who hit the stylistic skids this year are an especially grim-to-gaudy group. Despite the encouraging fact that so many film sirens blossomed into fabulous fashion-plates in 2002, the music biz’s style-challenged songbirds overcompensated in the Cavalcade of Kitsch.

    The final results of the year’s crop of couture casualties include a wider-than-usual range of culprits from singers to royalty, to a minority of actresses, a novelist, and (gasp) a designer.

    Fashion flip-flopped all over the place in 2002: Halle Berry soared, Julianne Moore‘s luminescent look took flight and Nicole Kidman wowed in a series of high-heeled “Lady in Black” eye-poppers.

    Other elegant icons took a momentary fall, witness Gwyneth Paltrow’s Gothic Horror at the Oscars. What was she thinking? Britney Spears bored,Stella McCartney‘s “designs” snored . . . and, on a nifty note, the razzle-dazzle of those “Chicago” gals roared.

    Here’s hoping 2003 is filled with beauty and elegance for fashion devotees everywhere. After all, in this kaleidoscopic world we live in, dressing well really is the best revenge!

    Mr. Blackwell


    10. Pink: “Out of the blue, pops Pink, and I’m seeing red! Cartoon-colored proof that any fashion sanity for her is really dead!”

    9.Christina Aguilera: “Her barely-there bimbo bombs wouldn’t cover a gnat . . . let’s just call her the “Worst Undressed” and leave it at that!”

    8. Meg Ryan: “A total fashion wreck . . . Ryan’s all chills and no thrills . . . looks like a Swap-Meet Fashion Queen in Beverly Hills!”

    7. Donatella Versace: “Time to toss the peroxide once and for all . . . She resembles a flash-fried Venus, stuck in a Miami Strip Mall!”

    6. Anne Rice: “Her musty, dusty Mausoleum-Wear redefines ‘Queen of the Batcaves.’ Anne looks like a cross between Queen Victoria and the Vampire Lestat!”

    5. Princess Anne: “Her Royal Dowager Drag is dreary, drab and dour . . . wake up Anne, you’re getting worse by the hour!”

    4. Cameron Diaz: “Looks like she was dressed by a color-blind circus clown . . . When it comes to fashion, it’s chaos when Cameron’s back in town!”

    3.Shakira: “Overwrought and underdressed, she always strikes a familiar pose . . . somebody should tell her those are probably Madonna’s old clothes!”

    2. Kelly Osbourne: “A fright-wigged Baby Doll, stuck in a goth prom gown . . . now we know what happened to Ozzy’s hand-me-downs!”


    1. Anna Nicole Smith: “Anna’s fashion follies are the worst of the year . . . don’t bother with a new designer Anna, just hire a structural engineer!”

    –January 7, 2003