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  • How to Appear Taller When You’re Petite With Short Legs


    Q:How to Appear Taller When You’re Petite With Short Legs

    I am very short (4ft, 11inches) and have short legs. What can I wear to make myself look taller and long legged? (Nantwich, Cheshire, England)

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    A:It’s not as difficult as it seems to create the appearance of height. When you’re vertically challenged, the best way to look taller is to stick to a single color from head to toe, or monochromatic colors that blend well together. Once a color break is introduced, your body automatically becomes visually divided, and that will accentuate your petiteness.

    The trick to create the illusion of longer legs is to draw the eye upwards. Keep to well-fitting, streamlined clothing. Again, favor matching or monochromatic colors that do not create a body variance. Opt, for natural waist pants or skirts are a slight bit fuller in the tush and upper thigh to visually lengthen the lower torso. If you have great legs, keep your hemline short.

    Here’s a no-brainer: avoid super flat shoes and, instead, select a low to mid size heel height. Always be sure that your pants break over your shoe instep to create the illusion of a longer leg.

    Stay away from anything extremely tight that emphasizes the break between your butt and thighs. Over-sized clothing will only drown you. Avoid low-waisted or hiphugger pants that lengthen the torso. Just be sure that your clothes and accessories create a tonal, fluid appearance and you’ll look great.

    –January 8, 2003


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