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  • It’s Beta baby! Behind the scenes on the NEW FocusOnStyle web look [video] new fashion website design

    It’s a new fashion website. Right here…

    Okay, so some people leave the bloopers for the end of a video. Eh, I start out with my webcam bloopers:)

    All in the effort to share my exciting news with you, F-A-S-T.

    Do you notice something different?

    There’s a NEW web fashion website blog style here on FocusOnStyle!  It’s a bit more open design, more personal, and VERY Beta at the moment (that means we don’t have all the bells & whistles done quite yet).

    Do you love the look? So far?

    It’s a genius New York, Paris, London collaboration with my art director Vincent Gagliostro of GagliostroStudio and fashion technologist & web designer Chloé Watts of Chloedigital, and me!

    It’s almost all together but I have plenty more new things up my sleeve to empower the style of your personal brand & help you get your gorgeous on!

    I’ll be pointing out new offerings soon.

    Like the new Free Online Fashion + Style Guides curated from our most timeless & popular posts since 1999 (Hint, hint: I’m inviting you to check this new section out).

    Please let me know what else you would like to see on FocusOnStyle so I can create special somethings that really have you in mind.

    I welcome you to take a peek and a poke around the NEW FocusOnStyle. Remember, it’s in Beta so there may me some techy display kinks still.

    Please let me know what you think in the comments below. Can’t wait to hear…







    P.S. Have you ever had one of those days where your hair drys “naturally” because you didn’t get to blow it out while it was still wet? This was one of those days for me 🙁 BUT, I made this video, crud hair and all, just for you!

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