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  • Nina Ricci Spring 2014: What It’s Like To Attend A Fashion Show During Paris Fashion Week


    ricci3I don’t think there’s anyone who loves a GOOD invitation as much as Richard does! Add a great fashion name and he can’t be beat… 

    Well, if food was involved, he’d secretly love it even more.

    My friend, the NY expat & Paris insider tells us what it’s like to attend a fashion show during Paris Fashion Week, particularly the Nina Ricci Spring 2014 collection. Trust us, the Spring 2014 collection is simply divine, and Richard’s got the close-up’s to back that up!S.H.

     My handwrttien, personal invitation- la-di-da

    My handwrttien, personal invitation- (la-di-da!)

    Suddenly last week, I found myself invited to three fashions shows during Spring 2014 Fashion Week in Paris

    My first invitation was for Nina Ricci in a tent at the Tuileries near Place de la Concorde, the same venue I saw the Chloe show a few years back.


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    The guy in the orange pants. Is this what I have to wear to be noticed?

    As I approached the entrance of the Tuileries, I noticed something different; a long white runway leading to the tent. I felt like I was walking a red carpet (I guess in this case it was a white patent runner).

    Photographers and fashion admirers abounded the sides but not too many were interested in photographing me, even though I was stylishly dressed.

    A very suave Frenchman walking behind me wearing a blue blazer just like mine and orange pants seemed to get all the attention, with the photographers snapping away and calling his attention to pose.

    Next time I’ll be sure to wear orange pants and give a little more attitude, and see what happens.


     The house was packed with bloggers, buyers, fashion editors, celebrities, groupies, and fashion wanna-be’s eagerly waiting for the show to begin. At 5:35 (the show was supposed to start at 5, I think the motto for fashion shows is “Keep them waiting”), the lights went down, the civilized classical music was cut, and the bright lights came on while a sheer white curtain hurled against the runway dividing it in two, with heavily percussioned techno music replacing the soft din of the classical music.

    The first models, dressed in crisp white separates and dresses looked softly alluring behind the curtain strutting down the runway. The white outfits, although most feminine, were a touch inspired by classic men’s white shirts. The cavalcade of pure white eventually lead to some feminine and floaty intricate print dresses and a series of looks in pale blue gray.



    Towards the end of the show, another set of smashing white dresses had lace and sheer cutouts, which boosted their sexiness. The backs of the clothes had lovely details giving them extra pizzazz. depth and justification for the hefty price tags. Lengths were mostly short and above the knee with some having graduating hems in the back in poplin, subtle tweed, chiffon, pique and satin.

    Designer Peter Copping has created a strong, cohesive collection with a certain delicateness and femininity that stands out in a refreshing manner. More from the runway tomorrow. — Richard Nahem

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    Photos: Richard Nahem

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