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  • Retail Remedy: NY Christmas Windows, Stylish and Artful Elegance

    Bergdorf Goodman, NY Christmas Windows

    Bergdorf Goodman and Louis Vuitton New York holiday windows…

    In what are probably one of the most visually stunning New York Christmas windows, Bergdorf Goodman creates artful displays that recreate the feel of the dioramas of the Natural History Museum.


    The store’s Fifth Avenue windows are an opulent white on white homage to the four seasons, plus holiday all combining the unique mix of natural wonders and Bergdorf Goodman luxury fashion. While the East 58th Street and Bergdorf Goodman Men’s Store windows create a more allegorical display of animals and fashion. East 57th Street windows are a whimsical play on black, white, plus red. All are absolutely amazing and quite a scene to get your turn to photograph.

    In the window’s reflection, across Fifth Avenue and East 57th Street are the neon Louis Vuitton Christmas windows which pump up the volume on bold glamour and create a fabulous cross street of exotic holiday splendor.

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