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  • Secret Shoppers: Rich Chicks Covering Up Their High End Indulgences

    What Rich People Don't Want You to Know About Their Spending

    Scrap the luxury orange or turquoise signature shopping bag and make hers a modest plain Jane…

    We are totally behind carrying your own eco bag to the grocery store, but this shopping bag switch is on a whole other level!

    The Daily Beast reports, “What Rich People Don’t Want You to Know About Their Spending” is that although the cash cows are more than happy to drop a mother lode to support their luxury indulgences, they simply don’t want to be caught red-handed walking out of tony shops flaunting the armloads of arm candy. Have they not heard of FedEx?

    It seems, according to the story, that “Kathleen Fuld, wife of Lehman Brothers C.E.O. Dick Fuld, stopped by the Hermes boutique on Manhattan’s Madison Avenue to buy some holiday gifts. As she paid for her purchases, she vetoed the store’s signature orange bag and asked for a plain white one instead.” It appears that at Hermes and at a smattering of other luxury retailers, “secret shopping” seems to be the latest must-have shopping trend for the super uber rich, even ladies where their husband’s firms have not gone bankrupt!

    Yes, Mrs. Fuld is a very special inglorious case, but who knew that simple white shopping bags have been available for some time at luxury emporiums for those secret shoppers who don’t want to caught dead on the way to their limo hauling something as crass as a branded shopping bag. Geez, have they never heard of the trickle down effect? Thoughts…

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