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  • NY Fashion Week: Ports 1961 fashion show review

    Ports 1961

    PORTS 1961| Runway Fall 2009 Collection-Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

    Inspired by exotic India the Ports 1961 fall 2009 collection was beaming with rich color, luxe fabrications, metallics and attention to the tiny details in accessories and overall construction.

    The fashion show theme was set on the runway with a delightful live band playing lively middle eastern music while the models walked. The models’ eyes were lined with dark kohl pencil and their hair was tied in a very tousled, romantic braid – this overall setting created a warm and exotic mood, taken away to India!

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    Ports 1961

    The clothing was had a modern take on tradition with some of the cuts, the way dresses were loosely draped like a sari and the fabrics thick with jacquards and metallics. Jackets had curved asymmetrical front openings, wide neck yokes made from a metallic fabric, some dresses were wrapped around the body, others were draped across one shoulder, most were very loose and had beautiful movement coming down the runway. Some dresses and jackets were more structured, in which case there were a lot of seam details or an item was tightly pieced together and the fabric itself held texture.

    My favorite detail was on some long gloves and sleeves of jackets where there was an open seam up the back of the arm laced together with a bright pink ribbon – so sexy! The shoes were great too, gave the clothing a modern feel with grey/beige booties or heels that had pops of bright pink.

    Many of the pieces, although new, felt like they had a story behind them, an epic tale dating back centuries. If I had this collection I clearly would have to relocate to coastal India, lounge on plush cushions and gaze over a balcony at elephants in the distance… not too shabby. Alix on the Go

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