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  • NY Fashion Week: Chado Ralph Rucci fashion show review

    Chado Ralph Rucci

    CHADO RALPH RUCCI | Runway Fall 2009 Collection-Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

    It was like being in an Asia-inspired Blade Runner!

    Uber futuristic, very slick, the show could have been an action movie, heavily structured garments and lots of technical cut outs, very dark, mostly black, but behind it all was this calming Zen aura that softened the collection.

    Once again we are seeing solid fabrics but with amazing texture and pattern within. Some of these fabrics I swear were brought back from 2020, they were very high tech looking and again the ultra mod look strengthened that.

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    Chado Ralph Rucci

    Some of the fabrics held shape as if they were neoprene, or some other soft but stiff fabric. There were cut outs across the body in streamlined shapes that I have no idea how they held their form, but it gave just a tiny peek underneath with sparked the curiousity and gave a bit of femininity to the look – rather than very dark, covered up and harsh.

    The outerwear was fantastic, again very structured and modern. Some dresses had more flounce and girliness to them while on the flip side others had strong lines and were not very revealing.

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    There were a bunch of gowns that came out at the end with enormous placed prints of ancient statues that again had this peaceful yet modern feel, I loved the Zen feel underlying the line and in these gowns in particular it was very apparent.

    To top off the Blade Runner look all the models had slick hair and a headband that looked like Saran Wrap – very cool!

    The runway was also stark white, very shiny, with three ramps the models walked up and around, I was certain someone would fall, it looked like a death trap, but they were navigated well.

    The Chado Ralph Rucci fashion show was the coolest way to end Fashion Week, making a bold, modern statement of where we may be 20 years from now. Alix on the Go

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