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  • NY Fashion Week: Zac Posen fashion show review

    Zac Posen

    ZAC POSEN | Runway Fall 2009 Collection-Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

    This was the most stunning production I have laid eyes on all Fashion Week and in general, one of the most classically beautiful shows I have ever seen!!!

    The scene is this: dark runway with 5 grand pianos lined up down the center, spotlights shine on 5 women and men, dressed gowns straight out of Amadeus, as they walk to their pianos and begin to play, their own part, together as a whole, the lights slowly spread as the first model appears in a gown circa 1770… but in fact it is 2009.

    Immediately you are transported in time watching each piece come out – rich brocade fabrics and satins, high structured collars, voluminous sleeves, tightly cinched waists and a rich color palette all exude high society style.

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    zac posen

    Some dresses and skirts had a new take on the bustle in the back, dresses with petticoat styling, outwear with big fur collars and muffs, gorgeous gowns with trains.

    Colors were mostly solid and the fabric had such texture and pattern within it there wasn’t a need for prints, although there were a few florals, very soft and feminine.

    The accessories completed the look – shoes were in bright satin plum, chartreuse and purple, stocking were littered with sparkles, earrings and neck pieces were like gold sculptures and the models dark rimmed eyes and pouty red lips added a classic sexiness not to be reckoned with.

    The whole show was spectacular to say the least.

    I would die to wear any one of those gowns and be even more thrilled to have an event to wear it to! Alix on the Go

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