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  • Save Your Shoes, Wreck Your Style With Odd Looking Heel Protector


    We’re really not into gimmicks– nor do we like to diss a new product– but in our stylish opinions, this thingamijig sinks to a whole new level!

    Today’s email brings another “helpful” product that we just have to scratch our heads about. I hit delete on it’s first entry to the inbox, but since the pr is busy on the follow-up pitch, the need to share has taken over.

    Here is a product that in some strange way does make sense.

    I’m not sure if this thing resembles the nipple on a baby bottle, a golf tee, or an analytical funnel but a plastic whositwhat that looks like it should be autoclaved does NOT make for a fashion accessory!

    We bring you Heels Above…

    “Discreet, recyclable plastic feet molded to easily slip over your shoe’s heel,” the discreet part is what’s giving us the giggle.

    From the Heels Above web site...

    From the Heels Above web site…

    It’s press release continues to say it better than our words can express, “This mind numbingly simple concept was born of necessity after inventor Nicole Grossman took ONE too many steps off-road in her Manolos. Mother-daughter duo Nicole & Susie have joined forces to create the ONE accessory that every woman has wished for since the dawn of the high heeled shoe.”

    What is “mind numbing” is that the glaringly obvious plastic contraption with the flying saucer base is photographed on a shoe with a red sole. In our collective opinion and random survey, we can say that no stylish woman willing to shell out mega bucks on a pair of Loubs would be caught dead adorning them with a device that looks like it’s part of Jiffy Lube change.

    BTW: There are other high heel protectors out there which are less obtrusive. There were even ones back in the 1960’s to save your spikes from the evils of an escalator. Sweeties, can you TRY to design one that a stylish woman would want to wear if she felt the need?

    Helpful Hints:

    • Wedge shoes or a thicker heel will not sink into the ground at an outdoor affair.
    • Look before you walk on pavement to avoid getting stuck in sidewalk cracks.

    Sold at, of course!

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    Photo: Heels Above

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