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  • Open Toe Shoes… Wear what before Memorial Day!

    Open Toe Shoes… Wear what before Memorial Day!

    Q:Open Toe Shoes… Wear what before Memorial Day!

    A girl at work said it is inappropriate to wear open toe shoes before Memorial Day. Is this true?

    We live in Nashville where the weather is hot way before Memorial Day. I always went with Easter as the appropriate time period, since the weather is usually great from that point until Labor Day or longer.(Franklin, TN)


    That is the dumbiest think that I’ve heard all day! Your friend needs to relax and look at a fashion magazine or two. Open toe shoes are worn all year round- they are quite stylish! If it’s hot, dress for the weather. Common sense is the only rule to abide by.

    The whole notion of fashion rules is an oxymoron. Fashion is about fun, style, panache, and feeling good about yourself. Constricting rules and regulations are for people too afraid to think out of the box which they enclosed themselves. Tell your co-worker to live a little!

    –April 22, 2004

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