Fit the Room with Perfume?

Fragrance delivered to your environment

Gasp, wheeze, itch, and run.

Not pleasant, eh?

That’s the deal when you become olfactory meshed to the dweeb marinated in perfume.

Here’s a head’s up to fragrance future, perfect for those who impale our senses with too much of their good thing.

Imagine wearing a little patch which acts like your own personal fragrance butler and doles out the most suitable amount of scent based on body conditions.

Pretty nifty.

SNIF™ by PDD, the product innovation partner has three scent reservoirs which blend in direct response to the user’s skin. The amount of scent then produced responds to the space you are in: a little spritz in an elevator, a bigger blast for the dance floor.

Now, this is a concept that we can’t wait to become reality.

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–April 28, 2004

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