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  • Oscars Best Dressed


    Who was the best dressed at the Oscars?

    It’s kinda non-plus for me. Really, no BIG wow moments.

    Look, I’m sitting home (in my brand new and fabulous Ralph Lauren chair) watching the Oscars with my budding filmmaker son, husband, and Mr Poodle (he does stare at the TV). For us, tonight, it’s more about “the film” as that’s the future filmmaker’s thing. So as much as I want to have my fashion head on, what I’m seeing is not getting me overly excited.

    Oh yeah, as a true confession, I’m wearing a red plaid shirt myself.

    Sooo, what is standing out for me as Oscars Best Dressed (besides the Mad Max Best Costume Award) are just a few…

    Who was the best dressed at the Oscars?

    Jennifer Lawrence in magnificent illusion lace.

    Cate Blanchett making one of my least favorite colors, mint green, look sublime. (my favorite).

    Julianne Moore looking the modern movie star that she is.

    Jennifer Garner hearkening old Hollywood glam without looking old.

    Margot Robbie looking sexy and fresh with just a nod to glittery gold disco.

    Charlize Theron in the sleekest red column that shows when you look like that, less really is more.

    It’s not that there weren’t more gowns that looked wonderful, it’s just that they looked wonderful enough for any one of us to wear on a special night.

    There really were just a few that stood out as THE Oscars. I’ll sleep on it and let you know if I can Monday morning if anything else comes to mind. Night-Night.

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