Looking Like Your Dog Is So Chic in Paris

Only in Paris when you look like your dog, it will be chic!

I know I will get an argument by dog lovers from other places (particularly from Sharon and her love of French poodles), but I say no one loves their dogs more than Parisians.

I back up my statement with the fact that dogs are allowed almost anywhere in Paris– at the butcher, the baker, restaurants, the metro, parks, art galleries, food shops, boutiques, and dog grooming salons.

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Want immediate attention and better service in a restaurant or cafe? Just park your dog on the chair next to you and watch the waiters fawn all over your le chien and bring a water bowl tout suite.

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What I also love is the way this particular mademoiselle is at one with her pooch and their mutual style– the adorable dog T-shirt, her floppy hat and shaggy, long hair make them a homage to each others cuteness.

Woof! — Richard Nahem, the Paris Insider

Look at my photo gallery of some Paris pooches thar are so cute on their own:

Required Reading for Instant French Chic:

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