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    Little Black Dress Exhibit, Mona Bismarck American Center

    Everyone  wants a perfect Little Black Dress, or two or three in their wardrobe. But imagine when not “little” but MAJOR black dresses are curated into one exhibition, and that’s in Paris…. ohh la la, it’s drool city.

    Take an inspirational tour of  the Little Black Dress Exhibit at the Mona Bismarck American Center Paris with Richard Nahem as your guide and tell me which LBD is tops on your wish list?  

    Oh, yes, and Richard met his fashion idol, let’s see who… S.H.

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    Yesterday was one of those surprising days where I had an unexpected pleasure bestowed upon me when I went to see the Little Black Dress exhibit at the Mona Bismarck American Center.

    I was about ten minutes into the show when I saw a young woman beautifully dressed in a black dress and a great pair of heels, giving an exuberant tour of the exhibit. She was with a well-dressed man in a suit and another woman with an English accent. The other woman turned out to be Suzy Menkes, my journalism idol/super hero.

    [PERSONAL NOTE FROM SHARON: You should have seen a jeune homme Richard back at Studio 54 when he met Liza & covered half his face and proudly told her, “People say I look like you.”  You gotta love Richard!]
    Little Black Dress Exhibit- Mona Bismarck American Center-photo 2

    Little Black Dress Exhibit- Mona Bismarck American Center

    Even though I looked as unfashionable and as touristy as possible, wearing a T-shirt (okay, slightly stylish, I was wearing a Uniqlo T-shirt), shorts, and sneakers and a camera hanging around my neck. Yet, I still had the nerve to speak to Suzy. I gently apologized for interrupting her, telling her I was a huge fan and her writing inspired my own writing. I apologized for blabbering on but she was so obliging and said not to stop. I told her about my blog Eye Prefer Paris, and she handed me her card.  I gave her my card and she said she would take a look at my site. I practically pinched myself to see if this was a dream: Suzy Menkes, the most powerful fashion journalist in the world, was interested in reading in my blog about Paris. 

    I was flying so high from my Suzy Menkes experience that I could hardly concentrate on the show.

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    I came back down to earth a few moments later and started to enjoy the chic and imaginative little black dresses and gowns in sumptuous lace, silk, tulle, sequins, and wool. I got a kick out of a see-through lace coat dress on a male mannequin that was part of the Comme des Garcons men’s collection 2012. The elegant high ceiling rooms with gold moldings and Chinese tapestry panels and the Diana Vreeland red walls. As curator, Andre Leon Talley specifically chose the color and the special Benjamin Moore paint that was flown in from the U.S. It took four coats to get the right saturation. Shiny white mannequins were perfect backdrops for the dramatic dresses.

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    Little Black Dress Exhibit- Mona Bismarck American Center-photo 3

    The Little Black Dress exhibit originated at the SCAD/Savannah College of Art and Design Museum of Art in 2012 and charts the significant impact a single garment has made on fashion. Over 50 looks are shown from current well known designers and fashion houses including Tom Ford, Oscar de La Renta, Yves St. Laurent, Valentino, Chanel, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, and Givenchy, some old masters like Madame Grés and Fortuny, and a few surprises including Norma Kamali and Stephen Burrows.  –-Richard Nahem

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    Little Black Dress Till September 23
    Mona Bismarck American Center
    34 Avenue de New York, 75016
    Metro: Iena
    Open 11AM to 6PM, Wednesday to Sunday

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