How to Wear It: A versatile dress to wear from summer to fall, year after year. Look at Kate Moss in Prada for fit and flare inspiration!

Kate Moss in Prada

I’ll Have What She”s Having:  Do you want a versatile dress that goes from summer to fall with a few styling tweaks?  Kate Moss is wearing a gorgeous Prada one for some styling inspiration.

I know it’s late in the season and you may not want to buy another summer item, especially if the sale isn’t too great.

I get it. Me too.

But, what if you found a versatile dress (maybe even in your own closet), that happens to be a LBD to make life easier, and always looks chic AND is transitional into the next season?

The perfect fit and flare little black dress is it! Just look at Kate Moss in Prada, above, and ask no more.

I’ve done a video on how to accessorize a little black dress, along with several posts on my love of fit and flare styles, BUT this photo of Kate was so inspiring to help you add this versatile dress style in your wardrobe.

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Wanna get a bit fancier? Try this L'AGENCE Embossed Leather Trim Ponte Knit Dress.
Wanna get a bit fancier? Try this L’AGENCE Embossed Leather Trim Ponte Knit Dress.

Firstly, as you get a bit older, don’t go too short in your length with this style as it can read overly junior. Keep to a nice hemline around your knees that gets a but flirty from the fuller skirt.

Sleeveless is a more versatile than short or long sleeves as you can layer more with it.

A dress this simple– even though Kate’s is seductively off the shoulder and cleavage-baring–  really depends on the accessories and how you style the look to be extra interesting.

Now, let the styling begin…


  • Ankle booties for an edgier or more fall feel.
  • A motorcycle jacket as the short cut and toughness is a cool mix with the feminine hem.
  • Another layer by wearing a white shirt or black lace shirt under.
  • A belt- switch out to one that’s wide and waist-defining.
  • Stacked heel pumps and colored hose.
  • A cropped cardigan to the office.
  • A tailored crop top worn over.
  • A denim jacket thrown over your shoulders
  • A play with textures and try a nubby cropped sweater worn over.
  • A pair of bright ballet flats to runaround.

How would you wear this versatile dress style? Add YOUR styling tips in the comments below.

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Photo of Kate Moss in Prada via