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    Tips for Wearing Jeans if You’re Petite from the Sharon Haver for at Lord & Taylor New York Petite Video Series…

    Depending on your body type, you will need to adjust your style to achieve that perfect denim look. See our tips for wearing jeans if you are petite.

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    Don’t want to look like you’re standing in a hole? Don’t worry!

    Watch my Petite Jeans Tips to Look Taller Video to learn how to find jeans that make you look you’re best:

     Transcript: Tips for Wearing Jeans if You’re Petite

    Hello, I’m Sharon Haver from, and I’m here today for at Lord and Taylor, and we’re going to be talking about some great ways to wear jeans when you’re a petite.

    Denim Shorts

    Kathy is a beautiful petite and she’s wearing denim shorts. Now, the denim boyfriend look in shorts is really popular right now and that’s really very baggy. And the other thing that’s really in right now is very short shorts, but they’re not always the best friend for petite girls. Usually if you’re a petite you want to be able to create a line that makes your leg look longer. And by doing so, by wearing the short that’s a little bit longer on your thigh will actually elongate your look and by matching it with a top that’s more or less tonal will cut you in half and create a longer, leaner line.

    Denim Dress

    And we have Stephanie wearing a really beautiful, really simple, very clean chic – I kind of like to call it classic American sportswear. Denim dress. This dress, even though it has the flaired bottom, it has a very nice contrast white stitching which gives it a very long lean line. The belt is also very muted and it has a little bit of texture in it to create the very long silhouette which is, makers her look taller and thinner and it does a great job.

    The Classic City Look

    We have Kathy coming in now in a denim look that’s very sleek, very lean, it’s just a really pretty city look, and she’s wearing black jeans and they have a slight boot cut – cause with a very small frame you don’t want to wear anything big cause that will create a much shorter look. We paired it with this sort of jacket which has a nice sheen to it and it has sort of a motocross look to it, but what is nice is the silver zipper, especially when its worn open creates a long vertical line. It’s a basic and it’s also very classic and it’ll probably also last you for a few seasons and right now we always want to keep to things that are classic.

    The Polished Jeans Look

    Another way to get a polished look out of jeans. We have Stephanie and what we did here was, instead of the ordinary denim jacket, which can be too much denim together we have it paired with this blue jacket and when your petite you also want to keep in mind that you don’t want your sleeves to be very long or very full because something that’s very full will create a horizontal line. So, this jacket has the short sleeves and they’re also very tight fitting to her arm which also creates a longer arm. She’s also wearing the jacket open. And that creates that long vertical line. It’s all very tonal and with her jean. If she was wearing a wide belt it would foreshorten her a bit so longer belt and the thinner belt really creates a nice long look.

    Breaking Fashion Rules

    Kathy’s wearing an outfit that breaks two fashion rules. Most people would think that white would make you look larger or shorter and that wearing a top with a lot of volume would also do the same thing. Well, both are true accept when they’re cut a certain way and when a pattern is a certain way. These jeans are white but they really fit her and they’re close and they really hug the body. And the top, although it’s large and has volume, also it has a vertical stripe which creates that nice up and down look. And the belt is very narrow and very simple and it has a little detail in it and the gold in it shuzz’s it up a bit because of the stripe and the fit this is a perfect look on her. It looks great.

    Fitting Jeans to Your Body

    Every woman knows that finding jeans that fit properly is one of the most difficult things out there. And when you’re petite you want to create jeans in a way that create a longer mid section. So the key is to find a jean that fits you really nicely and a longer mid section, from between your belly button to maybe right around your hip bone. The other thing is you can really take advantage of the rolled cuff hem. And all you do is you take the jean, and preferably, one that’s soft and you just cuff it up a few times. And the key of having a cuffed look is to keep it looking nonchalant, but if you want a look that’s more polished what you want to do is take them to tailor who understands that when you cut the jeans off you create the same type of hem that it had originally and you copy the same stitching.

    Another trick is when you’re hemming jeans you don’t want it to look so crisp at the bottom when the rest of the jean is a little broken in and looking distressed so what you could do is take a really light fine grade sand paper and just kind of rub it against the hem a bit and that will fake a worn jean hem.

    A couple of simple tricks and you can find jeans pretty much anywhere that’ll suit you and look that way.

    Thanks for watching. To learn more visit us on the Web at

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