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  • Tips to transition your post-holiday dressy wardrobe into the front of your closet


    Q:How can I rework my party clothes into my everyday wardrobe?

    I know I was absolutely crazy when I bought all these holiday clothes but everything was on sale and I was invited to a bunch of parties.

    Now that the party season is over, I don’t want to shove “worn once” evening looks to the back of my closet but not sure how I can rework them into my everyday wardrobe.

    I bought a one-shoulder black lace dress, a gold sequin top, and a purple satin mini that’s sort of like a tunic. I live in the city and do go out a lot but not that dressy and glitzy. Is there any stylish way to transition all these glamour looks into something more logical?

    It seems like such a pity to toss these outfits away and I know that I won’t want to wear them next year. Please tell me how can I rework my party clothes into my everyday wardrobe? (New York, NY)

    A:Sounds like you had quite the party wardrobe!
    But you were also smart enough to select special pieces that although they were most definitely dressy, had a certain about of classic elan that you can rework back into your regular wardrobe.

    We all get carried away with a good bargain (well, at least I do too), but the idea is to rediscover the enthusiasm you had for that special party piece and rework it into you souped-up everyday style.

    I’m always in favor of combining a dressed up, dressed down vibe, so let’s get started

    As a rule dressier fabrics work for day when combined with more basic, less fussy pieces

    Safari is a huge trend for spring and looks far more chic when mixed with something a bit elegant—like that gold sequin top of yours! Pair it with some modern khaki (pants, shorts, pencil skirt are all great) and vivid wood sole wedges to bring the dressiness down a notch. As the weather warms up, switch out to a white bottom and try an olive drab jacket.

    Your black lace one-shoulder dress can be the perfect foil to pair with some feminine mixed prints, another hot new trend. Get an early start on spring with a floral jacket and wear buttoned up over your dress. Add a black belt and off you go. Another option is to wear a crisp white shirt under your one-shoulder dress for a nice contrast.

    The purple satin mini would be amazing worn as a tunic over black matte opaque tights and suede over the knee boots. Balance out with a dark scarf that picks up the weight of your boots. In the summer wear it barelegged with some embellished flats and a large tote.

    Always keep to natural hair and makeup to guarantee a more laid back look.

    Alexander Wang at ShopStyle


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