How to wear pinstripes… Go for the unexpected and add feminine details

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Q:How to wear pinstripes… Go for the unexpected and add feminine details

I bought a pair of cropped pants that are grayish black with mint green pinstripes. What color top would I be able to wear with them? I have a ribbed cream top. Would that go ok or should I go with a black top instead? Also, would I wear black flats? (Menasha, WI)


Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve you done better? Talk about needing to think out of the box, sweetie darling, gray and cream could not be a more dull color combination. Why go for boiled potatoes when you can have Lyonnaise? At least, you asked for help.

When wearing pinstripes, the hot menswear inspired pattern, you want to play off the man-tailored nature with something more feminine that pops.

Highlight the mint green pinstripe with something eye catching like a clear teal feminine blouse or an aquamarine cami and sheer gunmetal organza blouse over that.

Try the new combination of mixing prints and patterns– pair a delicate floral blouse that picks up the color of your pants, and throw a shrunken jade jacket over it.

A more conservative, but sophisticated idea is to wear a gorgeous, crisp cotton shirt and a yummy colored ribbon belt with colors that complement the pinstripe, like shades of green, mixed with fuchsia in a soft stripe. The idea is to keep the flow of color in flattering combinations rather than squash your style with run of the mill basics that have no oomph.

Black flats are predictable, but fine. A rich peanut or chocolate brown wedge is generally more flattering to a cropped pant, and the modern color combination allows you to wear a few strands of earthy necklaces, like a wood circle link chain or bead rope necklace.

Go ahead, have fun with fashion… I dare you!

–March 07 2006

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