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    Sexy Updo Hairstyles- Runway to red carpet hairstyling tips from Frederic Fekkai for the Diane von Furstenberg fashion show

    Runway to red carpet hair styling tips from Frederic Fekkai for the Diane von Furstenberg fashion show

    Styling tips from Frederic Fekkai for the Diane von Furstenberg spring fashion show

    Get the hot new red carpet hairstyle inspired by classic sexpots Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot

    Dear Sharon: After watching the Oscars, it seems that glam upswept hair is the new big thing. I’ve also seen sexy updo’s in fashion magazines and fashion shows. I’m not that skilled at playing around with my hair, but would love to learn how to put it up and not look like I’m on my way to the gym! –- Hairdo U (Brooklyn, NY)

    Dear Hairdo U: Glamour is certainly in the air for hair this spring, but what makes it modern is a certain degree of undoneness that keeps the look fresh, sexy and light. There’s no better celebrity hairstyle showcase than the Oscars and this year updo’s were most definitely the It red carpet hairstyle.

    Reese Witherspoon softened her vintage gown with a delicate, deliberately undone, simple upsweep. Michelle Williams, Uma Thurman, Keira Knightley, and Diane Kruger had soft tendrils gently framing their faces with casually chic upswept hair. Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, and Sandra Bullock opted for more traditional, elegant updo’s.

    upsweep hairdo

    But the sex kitten upsweep belonged to Charlize Theron. That same classic look, a resemblance of iconic beauties Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot was created by master hairstylist Frederic Fekkai for designer, Diane von Furstenberg’s Spring fashion show.

    The sexy updo requires plenty of height at the top of the crown, with hair swept back into a bun or messy ponytail. Theron wore hers with a slightly messy, off-center part. Fekkai showed his version with hair brushed back and up, but the feel has the same sex appeal that gives the most simple outfit have instant allure.

    classic twist hairdo

    Fekkai chose this modern twist of a classic hairstyle for Diane von Furstenberg show because, “I love a classic look like this with a feminine outfit such as the many that were previewed at the DVF Spring 06 show.

    The cropped jackets with various whimsical dresses and form fitting skirts looked absolutely chic and wonderful with the hairstyles. I wanted to incorporate a classic updo with a fresh, twist. Something that is young and sexy, a glimpse of the past, like the outfits showcased. “

    Even the most butter-fingered can create a mussed, sexy updo at-home with Fekkai’s easy-to-follow hairstyling tips. Fekkai recommends his eponymous line of hair products, which are quite wonderful, but similar products from other brands may be substituted. Be creative, fun and playful with this look, it should have a messy feel to it and not be overly polished.

    hair shop

    If your hair is long:
    *Wash hair and apply Fekkai Volumizing Mousse to the roots of towel-dried hair.
    *Pre-dry the hair, flipping your hair upside-down, with a back and forth motion, using your fingers.
    *After hair is dry, flip you hair back and blow-dry the hair to smooth out the ends with a Fekkai Large Round Brush.
    *Flipping hair upside-down again, pull hair up, as if you were going to put it in a high ponytail, this way you will achieve the height needed for this look. If your hair is fine, tease the crown for extra volume.
    *When the hair is in a high ponytail, leave a stray piece to wrap around the elastic.
    For a bun, sweep the hair up as you would a ponytail and wrap around securing with bobby pins. Twist any access hair and secure.
    *Spray with Fekkai Sheer hold Hairspray.

    hair shop 1

    If you hair is short, you will want to try and achieve a modified mohawk.
    Wash hair and apply Fekkai Texturizing Gel to towel-dried hair.
    Follow the same steps of pre-drying and drying the hair.
    When finished, tease the crown to create lift and slick the sides back with Fekkai Pomade Cristal. You want it to be sleek on the sides and voluminous on the top.
    Finish with Sheer Hold Hairspray.

    Voila! Sex kitten hair in just a few minutes.

    –March 07, 2006

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