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    Q:Pleather Weather…Tips for buying fake leather

    I’ve been seeing some fake leather jackets in the stores and I’m not quite sure about them. They cost a lot less than animal hide, but I’m not convinced that they look like the real thing. Do you have any tips for choosing faux leather with a more realistic appearance? (Streamwood, IL)


    Technology has finally caught up with leather imposters and in some cases you’d be hard pressed to tell the imitations from the real thing- particularly when it comes to stretch “leather”. If the vinyl that you’re considering has a cheesy vibe, move on… there are plenty of better options out there.

    Typically, pleather tends to have more of a shine and a stiffer appearance than natural hide. When the faux leather doesn’t have the same, sheen, texture, and obvious appearance of the real thing, than go completely the opposite way and follow the Mod trend that’s very big for fashion this fall. Chose a vinyl that’s not pretending to be anything other than what it is-pure camp! Clear plastic shoes and boots are very in right now- they’realso the perfect way to show off bright tights!

    At the Gaelyn and Cianfarani fashion show for PETA, old bicycle tires were resurrected into a fabric that resembles eel skin for super cool cruelty-free looks. The eighties punk throwback, rubber latex dresses, are another way to get the second skin feel without harming any animals.

    Back in the seventies, Halston made Ultasuede very chic- it’s still a marvelous way to save on cleaning bills and get the look of suede, particularly in bold colors. Look for faux suede that is very soft and has a luxuriousness to its drape. Cheap fake suede is hard and unyielding to your body.

    Real hide breathes and gives while the fake stuff doesn’t. When buying shoes of man-made materials keep in mind that they will not stretch and may get pretty stinky if your feet perspire- yuck!

    –October 20, 2003


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