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  • PMS Tips: Beat Pre-Menstrual Perturbances!


    Top 10 favorite tips to keep your hormones in check and beat PMS

    Here it comes… that time of the month, again!

    A break out on your chin, emotions swirling, a bloat that wasn’t there last week and
    breasts twice the size!

    What to do?

    Well, these are all clear cut signs that your hormonal system is a bit out of whack. So, how do we
    manage these hormones and keep our skin glowing, our emotions in check
    and our body from expanding with water weight when your period is

    Here are my top 10 favorite recommendations for keeping your hormones in check:

    Eat green veggies!! Green foods like broccoli, spinach, brussel
    sprouts, bok choy and kale contain a substance called
    indole-3-carbinol which can block the excess buildup of estrogen that
    causes raging PMS and hormonal imbalances.

    Exercise. Hitting the gym not only helps you work out your stress
    (that can really suss up your hormones) but it also helps keep your
    weight in check. A woman carrying around excess weight (especially in
    her middle) is definitely also carrying around excess estrogen and
    will have worse PMS symptoms.

    Have a sweet potato or two. Sweet potatoes are loaded with
    antioxidants and hormone-balancing vitamins and not to mention they’re
    just yummy!

    Drink loads of water. Half your body weight in ounces each day. Add
    lemon as it is very detoxifying and will not only be great for your
    skin, but will help with that bloat and backed up feeling.

    Avoid white flours and refined whole wheats. These types of foods are
    not only processed—and TERRIBLE for your skin—the sugar they contain
    can really wreak havoc on your endocrine system (the system that
    regulates the hormones in your body). Instead eat organic,
    nutrient-rich whole grain breads and pastas.

    Limit your dairy consumption as it can worsen menstrual cramps and
    digestive disturbances, like that embarrassing bloat, that can arise
    premenstrually. If you go for small amounts of dairy (which is just
    fine) be sure that it’s organic, as non-organic dairy contains excess
    hormones and pesticides that are MAJOR hormonal disrupters.

    Hula Hoops… remember those? Well, to keep a healthy blood flow to
    your lower abdomen, and to help with bloating and cramping, do a daily
    three minute hip rotation (as if you were swirling around a hula

    Limit your caffeine intake as this can really exacerbate uncomfortable
    premenstrual symptoms. Try and keep your intake down to one cup of
    caffeinated coffee or tea per day and be sure its organic!

    Take a fish oil or cod liver oil supplement daily. These types of
    oils contain Omega 3’s which are amazing for keeping our hormones in
    balance, our skin radiant and our metabolism kickin’! Be sure to buy a
    reputable brand, as a lot of the fish oils out there are contaminated
    with mercry. My favorite brands are Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega
    with D3 or Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil (this is the one I
    take! You can purchase it at

    Catch some rays. Each day before noon, try and get a ten or fifteen
    minute dose of sun. Sunlight stimulates your bodies pituitary and
    hypothalamus glands—both of which are extremely important in
    regulating hormones! –Aimee E. Raupp

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