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  • It or Miss: Jessica Simpson piles it on at the airport

    No sweatpants and sneakers for Jessica Simpson

    Jessica Simpson’s travel style, is it an it or a miss?

    Sometimes living out of a suitcase isn’t easy.

    There are those who, sadly, opt for the schelpper look when traveling with saggy sweats and clunky sneakers.

    Then there are the travelers who get their basics all together. So chic, so jealous.

    Some are pack rats who wear whatever doesn’t fit in their suitcase.

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    And, we have Jessica Simpson at the airport as spotted by People Stylewatch. For me she’s just too many things with too many big ticket trend pieces.

    Her eponymous shoe and bag line has great style for the price, but no need to look like you raided the fashion showroom.

    There’s the sequin pocket T-shirt, the plaid overshirt, glittery hobo, big glasses, lots of hair, the henna tattoo, rings on the other hand, and some big hoop earrings.
    Jessica is the perfect example of too much of a good thing by wearing too many trends at one time. Any one of these piece would be fine, but the combination is trend overload.

    I feel horrible about the loss of her dog but when you know you’re going to be a paparazzi magnet, please try to refine your look or your bad days are photo bait.

    It or miss? What do you say?


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