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  • Shimmery Eye Shadow That Stays Put

    Shimmery Eye Shadow That Stays Put

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    We love the allure of loose powder eye shadow. Every diva knows that brilliant shimmery color createsinstant glam. But, the typical application hassle associated with the iridescent dust that flicks all over your face is just not worth the mess.

    Glamour, schlamour.

    Who the heck has a live-in make-up artist to work the damage control?

    Until now.

    Bourjois Paris Suivez Mon Regard multi shimmer loose eye shadow with an integrated brush just revolutionized the process. Its special bottle dispenses the right touch of saturated color,in the right place!

    To make eyes appear larger and brighter Bourjois International makeup artist, Max Herlant suggests you try this eye-opening tip: draw a V with a brush in the inside corner of the eye using one of the lighter colors.


    Available in ten dark and subtle shades that includes No. 10 Illuminateur du Regard, a super-transparent, sparkling silver highlighter.


    .Bourjois at and stores nationwide

    .Selected Macy’s and Burdines

    –April 21, 2003

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