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"I’ve worked with Sharon for many years and aside from her genuine warmth, she’s totally passionate about the entire project always. She’s got an exceptional, imaginative and unique eye for style. Sharon can take ANY budget and make someone look like a million bucks effortlessly…and always tasteful, classy and fun! I’ve loved every opportunity having her on my team!"

-- Elizabeth Freid |
"Sharon is my go-to lady for chic!  When it comes to cultivating a woman’s style incorporating her body, age and individuality, Sharon has an innate intuition in understanding how to make a woman look and feel like her own modern day icon.  if you are looking for a stylist with the savoir-faire to create your own personal and unique look, Sharon is the woman for you."

-- Tonya Leigh| |
"My Professional relationship with Sharon Haver has spanned over three decades. We have worked on many magazine editorials, as well and catalog’s shoots. I also have the pleasure of being the Editor at Large for where I share all of my great make-up and fashion tips. Sharon has a beautiful eye for detail and knows style backwards and forwards."

-- Brad Boles| | The Real Housewives of New York City
"Sharon Haver definitely has her fingers on the pulse what’s happening in style and fashion. She is among the leading voices of New York’s fashion and is always a pleasure to work with."

-- Walter Greene | Editorial Director Profiles98 |
"I’ve known Sharon Haver since she was in school! She has always worked tirelessly and diligently to bring everyday fashion to women around the world. I was thrilled when Sharon kindly asked me to be her Paris correspondent and she has faithfully posted my article about Paris in the last few years, giving me invaluable exposure."

-- Richard Nahem |
"I have worked with Sharon for years and can certainly say she has a fine-tuned eye for style, knowing exactly what she likes and/or how to enhance personal style.  Her personal taste speaks for her work – she has a strong sense of personal style that does not stray, she is not playing with trends, rather, she is styling what lifestyle look she embodies and what works best within that look to flaunt her figure.  She knows how to play with what’s already in a wardrobe to create a desired look instead of having to purge and re-shop from scratch. Sharon is a lot of fun, personable, and when she’s connected, she’s fully aware and takes pride in what she’s connecting with."

-- Alix Kivlin | Fashion Designer | Photojournalist |
"Sharon Haver has a massive heart and energy to match.  So you don’t believe you can be “stylish”? Sharon’ll believe it for you and make sure you see it too.  She’s a powerhouse with ideas abounding…and in Fearless Launching she was so generous to the women struggling with the branding and visual parts of their business… your “style” is a huge part of that branding… and Sharon knows how to make your business brand and personal style work together. I’m not a “fashion” person but I still want to look great in a way that makes sense for my life. Sharon understands what a woman entrepreneur needs when it comes to style because she is one herself and has years of experience in the fashion industry. She’s able to tackle style and demystify all the fantasy and froufrou aspects of what I see in magazines into something that’s both realistic and accessible for my life."

-- Anne Samoilov | Strategy, Action, and Launch Catalyst for Small Businesses with Big Ideas |



I just want to say thank you for creating this site and all the
wonderful information here. I am so grateful for your fantastic taste, your eye for detail, your delicious sense of humor, and the hard work you have done to help people like me who were, but are no longer, clueless about style because of YOU!

The best way I can thank you is to always think of you as I am putting together my outfit before walking out the door. Which, is exactly what I will do each day, and you will be in my thoughts and prayers for good things, good health, and prosperity. Thank you again, and much love to you."

--Camera Shy | Anonymous

" I look to you, the non-traditional blogger, for unique style tips and tricks.  Something way better than the daily stupid outdoor photo for yourself in various outfits… so lame, by now… Your straightforward opinions.  I love color theory, mixes, meanings. Clothing history,care, etc."

--Camera Shy | Anonymous