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Her work is dedicated to helping others stand in their star power so they feel confident in their personal life and create a business positioned to attract the high-level clients they want.

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June 29, 2020 Project HatchFeature: Helping Entrepreneurs Build Successful Lifestyle-based Online Businesses

June 25, 2020- Cision: Video Marketing Tips 2020: Sharon Haver, Founder Says The Future of Your Business Relies on Authentic Visual Storytelling

June 25, 2020-Yahoo Finance  Video Marketing Tips 2020

June 16, 2020-  “Marketing Tips for Small Businesses as Stay-at-home Orders Start Easing”

September 2019- The Debbie Nigro Radio Show– Selfies for Business!

November 26, 2018- BIR- Beauty Industry Newsletter, Executive Newsletter For Professional Beauty Business Leaders, “What Does Your Headshot Say About You?” (contributor)

June 14, 2018- Podcast, The Rant with Baeth–  “How You Show Up is What You Attract”

April 10, 2018- Women’s Business Talk Radio Network–  Sharon Haver: New Book “StyleWord: Fashion Quotes for Real Style”

March 27, 2018, Work From Home Success“Create Pro-Like Images on Your Budget With The Equipment You Have”

March 21, 2018, SheSpark Magazine“7 Tips For A Swipe-Right Profile Photo On Dating Apps”

March 16, 2018- Change: Redefining Success with Kate Navarro Fessler on the eWoman Podcast Network, “STAND OUT in a “sea of samies” in your business and your life!’

March 8, 2018- Entrepreneur Magazine Online – Your Photo Tells Potential Clients a Lot. Here’s How to Make It Say Exactly the Right Things(contributor)

February 13, 2018- The State of Digital PublishingFeature on Sharon Haver

February 5, 2018- The Debbie Nigro Show Radio – News Talk AM 1490 WGCH, Syndicated- What’s The Word On What To Wear To Work These Days?

February 4, 2018- She Spark Magazine For Positively Ageless Style“7 Tips For A Swipe-Right Profile Photo On Dating Apps” (cover story)

January 29, 2018- Bold TV Business, Roker Media, Personal Branding + Style Tips For Women Entrepreneurs Segment and Show

December 21, 2017- The Rant Podcast with Baeth Davis– Episode 20 Sharon Haver – “Are You Really Wearing That”? Hot Tips for Successful Style 

December 20, 2017- Mommy in Los Angeles Blog–  Sharon Haver’s Fashion Predictions for 2018

December 15, 2017- Senior Outlook Today– StyleWORD by Sharon Haver-This gift-sized book helps everyday women learn to think like stylists…

December 4, 2017- Good Girls Get Rich Podcast with Karen Yankovich, Episode 8: The Meaning Of ‘Rich’ with Sharon Haver

November 20, 2017- Aspiring, StyleWORD Book, “2017 Holiday Gifts For The Special Woman In Your Life- An Inspirational Gift Anyone With An Eye For Style Can Appreciate

Septemeber 23, 2017- SPEAKER – Leadership Girl LIVE Summit/ Women’s Entrepreneur Network, Durham, NC

September 15, 2017- Leadership Girl Magazine, Sharon Haver, Style Expert + Personal Brand Success Strategist”

August 2017- Reader’s  Digest and, “Adopting These 50 Everyday Habits Can Make You Look Way Younger”

August 10, 2017- IgniteRock Podcast with Ahmed Khalifa, Episode #21 – Show Your Authentic Star Power to the World with Sharon Haver from Focus On Style

June 3, 2017- The  Huffington Post- The 7 Days to Amazing Podcast with Sharon Haver listed in “Digital Airwaves Signal Growing PR Trend: 100+ Rising Popular Podcasts Accepting New Guests

May 4, 2017- Savvy Business Radio – “Business Building Style Tips For Entrepreneurs,” Syndicated, full list and show here.

April 6, 2017- Change: Redefining Success with Kate Navarro Fessler on the eWoman Podcast Network,   “Are you bringing your A game in your personal brand?

March 21 & March 23, 2017- The Speaking Solution, Suzanne Evans Coaching, “How to elevate yourself as the face of your brand”

March 15, 2017-, “Topshop’s Mom Jeans Are Raising Eyebrows, Not Necessarily For The Right Reasons”

March 10, 2017- SOB Radio with Dr Gayle Carson (Spunky Old Broad Radio), “Staying Relevant in Your Life, Business, and Style,”  part 1 and part 2.

December 9, 2016- How To Be Awesome At Your Job Podcast with Pete Mockatis, Episode 94

December 6, 2016- The Positivity Party Radio with Nicole Isler- Hit the Reset Button on How You Put Yourself Together

November 30, 2016- The Art of Beauty Video Summit with Kate Cady

November 30, 2016- Ultimate Speaker Showcase Livestreamwatch

Women's Speaker Association
Women’s Speaker Association Premier Member

October 10, 2016-  Racked-The Ever-Shifting Symbolism of Lace

October 2016-  NatCom TV, Syndicated- Gender Neutral Clothing

September 27, 2016- The Sarah R. Bagley Podcast on Perfectionism– Podcast #137 /// Sharon Haver on Style and Fashion

September 21, 2016- “Build Your Bliss” Summit with Keekee Cornelious

September 12, 2016- The Brave Entrepreneur with Jena RodriguezPodcast-episode 079 The Secrets of Effortless Style with Sharon Haver

September 6, 2016- Women’s Speaker Association Speaker Chat- “How to Elevate Your Speaker Style with Sharon Haver”

September 6, 2016- The Debbie Nigro Show- (radio) on WFAS and,, “The no white after Labor Day, rule isn’t so black and white”

July 19, 2016- SPEAK: Year Long Program from Suzanne Evans and Larry Winget, Business Building Training With Sharon Haver: How To Be Seen- Stylist Tips To Look Like A Success On Video + Stage

June 8, 2016- Women Taking The Lead with Jodi Flynn PodcastEpisode 130: Sharon Haver on Stylishly Presenting Yourself

April 14, 2016- Global Chic Entrepreneur Summit- “Why your unique style attracts your ideal clients”

March 22, 2016- Money Touches Everything with Sonee Kumro-live radio and podcast,  “How To Dress To Look Like You’re Worth it”

March 14, 2016- The Debbie Nigro Show (radio) on WFAS and,, ‘Transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring”

February 1, 2016- Motivate Me Podcast With Lynette RendaEpisode MM136:  Power up Your Passion for Fashion with Powerhouse Stylist Sharon Haver

January 2016- The Old Farmer’s Almanac2016 fashion trend predictions.

November 2015- Authentic Branding Summit

October 2015- Brand In Demand Summit

September 22, 2015- KCBS Radio San Francisco, CA, and live and audiostream– “The digital future of fashion.”

September 15, 2014- The Business Mirror- “How to transition your summer style into fall

September 13, 20014- The Modesto Bee and, “Fashion challenges abound as summer fades

September 9, 2014- Bellingham Herald (McClatchy Tribune News Service) and, “How to transition your summer style into fall”

September 3, 2014- The Debbie Nigro Show- (radio) on WFAS and,, “Fall Fashion Trends”

July 28, 2014- writes up the daily StyleWORD

April 8, 2014- The Sacremento Bee (Sacremento, CA) and, “Pretty pastels in bloom for spring style”

March 15, 2014- The Providence Journal (Providence, RI) and, “Finding jeans that fit, flatter”

March 14, 2014- Secrets to Her Success Podcast- ‘How Sharon Haver started her business and keeps it thriving,’ and on FoS

February 26, 2014- Cision Blog- “Weekly Feature for Fashion & Beauty Fanatics: Q&A with Sharon Haver of FocusOnStyle, and on FoS

February 18, 2014- Bellingham Herald (McClatchy Tribune News Service) and, “Denim 101: Your guide to finding jeans that fit and flatter” PDF


December 6, 2013  The Debbie Nigro Show- (radio) on WFAS and,, “Ideas to tweak an outfit to look holiday festive”

November 14, 2013- Women’s Buiness Talk Radio Network/ The Success Design Show with Beth Shankle Anderson, “How to dress stylish, anytime, anywhere with Sharon Haver

November 5, 2013- “How to Get Parisian Chic Street Style with Fashion Expert Sharon Haver”

November 4, 2013-, WDRC-AM,WMMW-AM, WWCO-AM and WSNG-AM, “How to Dress For Your Body”

Novemebr 3, 2013- Growing Bolder radio and, “Could your wardrobe use an ageless style little pick-me-up?”

November 3, 2013- Providence Journal- (Providence, RI) and, “Tie up your fall look with a trendy scarf”

November 3, 2003- Brandenton Herald- (Bradenton, FL) and, “Tie up your fall look with trendy scarves”

October 28, 2013- Wichita Eagle- (Wichita, KS) and, “Wrap your head around this: scarves for fall”

October 22, 2013- Denver Post- (Denver, CO) and, “Scarves tie together fall fashion trends”

Ocrober 22, 2013, Sacramento Bee- (Sacramento, CA) and, “Tie up your fall look with trendy scarves this season”

October 22, 2013 – Bellingham Herald + (McClatchy Tribune News Service), “Tie up your fall look with trendy scarves this season”

October 17, 2013- WCRS1450AM radio, The Anne Ellers Show,”How to Dress Stylish at Any Age”

October 15, 2013- An Appealing Plan With Krayl Funch-  “Finding Your Balance: From Boardroom to Diningroom with Sharon Haver” webcast

September 19, 2013- The Debbie Nigro Show- (radio) on WFAS and,, “Top 5 fall trends for women + men”

Septemeber 19, 2013- “Listen up: Social Proof Means Don’t Listen To Me…(I’m serious)

April 20, 2013- Haver’s 8 Spring Wardrobe Solutions

February 22, 2013- TOP 7 New York Fashion Week Trends by Focus on Style

December 2012- named #2 for 15 examples of creative fashion websites

November 26, 2012- The Debbie Nigro Show- (radio) on WFAS and,, “Cyber Monday Deals & How to wear leather pants”

November 13, 2012- The Record and, “Maison Martin Margiela: H&M’s latest collaboration, launching Thursday, leans more avant-garde?”

October 11, 2011- The Debbie Nigro Show- (radio) on WFAS and, “What Women Entrepreneurs Should Wear To Work”

September 27, 2013- The– “Style Guidelines for Female Entrepreneurs,” and here on FoS(guest post)

September 12, 2013-– “Sharon Haver, Founder, FocusOnStyle: Bringing Celebrity Fashion Tips to Everyday Women:” full story on FoS here

August 27, 2012-– “The Blogger Report: Sharon From FocusOnStyle;” full story on FoS here

BOOK | Spring 2012- 65 Things To Do When You Retire: 65 Notable Achievers on How to Make the Most of the Rest of Your Life (Sellers Publishing)Master Your Look essay in the anthology book that includes authors President Jimmy Carter, Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda, and John E. Nelson among others.

February 19, 2011- The Record and, “Embellished collars update Oxford shirts, an old favorite”

January 17, 2011- The Record and, “Make a Style Statement With Turtlenecks”

January 3, 2012- i-Ella.cominterview with Sharon Haver and here

December 9, 2011- Emeril’s Table- The Hallmark Channel, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, “Holiday Cooking for a Crowd” full episode

November 30, 2011- The Record (North Jersey, NJ) and, “Fashion tips for looking festive at your holiday parties” press clip

August 24, 2011- “Looking Taller

July/August issue- Sunglasses Magazine and, “Boutique Sunwear Stands Out in A Crowd”

July 7, 2011- The Charlotte Observer and, “Rompers and jumpsuits make trendiness a snap”

June 22, 2011- dtripazcorazon, “Interview with Sharon Haver: Founder and Editor in Chief,” and clip here

May 17, 2011, Florida Today, The Asbury Park Press (Asbury Park, NJ),, and Gannet, “Brevard shoppers: Pick the perfect pants: How to choose the right length for your shape”

April 11, 2011-– “12 Fashion Writers You Should Know and Read

March 16, 2011,– Launch day article, “Life & Fashion After Weight Loss: How to Silence Your Inner Fat Girl and Shop Till You Drop”

March 4, 2011, Argus Leader (Sioux Falls, SD) and,, “A versatile dress for spring: The shift dress can be dressed up or down, worn with heels or flats and looks great”

March 3 – March 9, The Hippo Press: New Hampshire’s Weekly, ” Red Carpet Fashion- never mind the awards, let’s look at the dresses”

March 2, 2011- CBC Radio and, “As it Happens with Carol Off“- one on one interview about John Galliano and Dior.

March 1, 2011- BBC World Service, “The World Today (also on NPR)- one on one interview about John Galliano’s remarks and release at Dior.

March 1, 2011-, “What is Cashmere and How to Shop for it

February 28, 2011- BrandWeek (see PDF) and, “Wang’s World- The Alexander Wang Flagship Store in SoHo

February 8, 2011-, “Kate Middleton Dethrones Lady Gaga as Top Fashionista

January 2, 2011- Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI) and, “Before shopping, know what’s on its way out

December 31, 2010- Argus Leader (Sioux Falls, SD) and, “Trends for 2011: Velvet and leggings are hot, plaid is not. Find out what else is OK for the new year

December 30, 2010- January 5, 2011- The Hippo Press: New Hampshire’s Weekly, “Old is the new new. Experts dish on 2010 in fashion trends”

December 27, 2010- Florida Today and, “Experts suggest what to seek at post-Christmas sales”

December 25, 2010, The Northwestern (Oshkosh, WI), and, “At post-Christmas sales, beware the fashion

September 24, 2010- The Tennis Channel TV, “Best of 5: Fashion Eras”

September 24, 2010- AOL NEWS, “Ballsy fashion hits the runway in Madrid: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada”

September 24, 2010- Argus Leader, Sioux Falls, SD and, “Pencil skirts make a point”

July 16, 2010- Martha Stewart Radio (Sirius 112 & XM 157), Morning Living!, “Summer Style: What to not wear to the office on Casual Friday”

July 7, 2010- The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) and, “A STYLE ALL HIS OWN: Golfer Rickie Fowler drawing attention for his game and fashion

July 5, 2010-, “Tricks to Look Slimmer

June 28, 2010- iVillage Beauty & Style, “How to Turn Your Cover-Ups from Day to Night- 9 Downtown Chic Looks

June 9, 2010- South China Morning Post and,Why Sex and the City 2 is worth checking out. Despite what the critics say, it’s worth going to see Sex and the City 2 just for the fabulous outfits”

May 12, 2010- Insite: Art Institutes– “Fashion: Expectations High for Fashion in Sex and the City 2

May 6, 2009-– “Primetime Fashion: Armani Designs Gaga’s Idol Look

March 28, 2010- Los Angeles Times and, “Fur: In vogue and in the line of fire” (closing quote)

February 24, 2010- Disney, “Dress 10 Pounds Thinner

February 24, 2010- Disney, “5 Wardrobe Basics For Women

February 24, 2010- Disney, “Make Over Your Man

February 16, 2010-,Fashion Week Delivers Edgy Looks Retailers Need

February 3, 2010- Orange County Register, Style Binge, Orange County, CA, “How to Wear It: Good and bad ruffles

February 2, 2010- Pratt Institute, New York, NY, “Fashion Roundtable Discussion”

January 21, 2010,, ‘Mad Men’ actress ‘big’? Them’s fightin’ words on the Web

February 2010- Real Simple Magazine and, Fashion | The Guide Fit Lab: Tunics

February 2010- Real Simple Magazine and, “Fit Question of the Month: Which leggings are the most flattering for me?”

January 19, 2010- Blog.StarCostumes, Style Guru “The 70 Top Twitter Feeds for Fashion Fanatics

January 18, 2010-,Chair Clothing Has Us Fighting Furniture for Best Dressed

January 8, 2010- Springfield’s Own Magazine, Springlfield, IL, “Put your best foot forward this winter

December 31, 2009-,named “Top 25 Stiletto-Stopping Bloggers of 2009

December 28, 2009- Barbie’s Blog |– “Fashion Flashback: I’m Ready for Business!

December 16, 2009- – “ Old Friend Has A New Look

November 2009- Sharon Haver for Video Series at Lord & Taylor NY, “Petite Fashion Don’ts

November 7, 2009- Los Angeles Times and, “The biker look in women’s fashion”

November 2009- “Follow the Model, Miss J’s Guide to Unleashing Presence, Poise, and Power,” by J. Alexander, Simon & Schuster Publishing, opening mention, Chapter 4

November 5, 2009-, “The Ultimate Fall Shopping List–Courtesy of our Favorite Fashion Bloggers and Editors

September 11, 2009- Living, “Find the gold hiding in your closet

September 10, 2009- E! Online, Ted Casablanca’s The Awful Truth, “Unsexy in the City

September 2009 – Gourmet Magazine |, “Fall Fashion Trends – Get Fierce

September 2009 – Gourmet Magazine |, “Fall Fashion Trends – Heavy Metal

September 2009 – Gourmet Magazine |, “Fall Fashion Trends – Rich Jewel Tones

September 2009 – Gourmet Magazine |, “Fall Fashion Trends – Strong Shoulders

September 2009 – Gourmet Magazine |, “Fall Fashion Trends – The Anti-Stiletto

August 2009-, Money | Splurge Vs. Save | Jean Chatzky” Find the gold hiding in your closet

August 21, 2009- Style Video Series, Petite Video series filmed at Lord & Taylor, “Dress to Look Taller with Sharon Haver

August 14, 2009- Style Video Series, Women’s Sunglasses by Face Shape with Sharon Haver,” shot at Barney’s NY

August 13, 2009- Richmond Times Dispatch, Richmond, VA, and, “You can revamp your look without breaking the bank

August 9, 2009-, “ and VagaBOnd NYC

August 7, 2009-, “Revamp your look without breaking your budget

August 6, 2009- Style Video Series at Barney’s New York,”Dress a Suit Up or Down with Sharon Haver

August 3, 2009- New York Daily News, New York, NY and, Jean Chatzkey column: “Finding the gold hiding in your clothes closet

July 21, 2009-, “Focus on Style, The Boyfriend Edition

August 3, 2009- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh, PA, and, “Back-to-school fashions: Mixing and matching styles provide a fun look for less

July 17, 2009- Style Video Series,, “How to Accessorize a Black Dress with Sharon Haver” video shot at Barney’s New York

June 16, 2009-,”Style and Life: The Boyfriend Shirt, how would you wear it?”

July 1, 2009- Style Video Series,10 Ways to Wear A Scarf with Sharon Haver” video shot at Barney’s New York

June 26, 2009- The Boyfriend Shirt for S.E.W Photoshoot, Lizzie Grubman Public Relations,selected as fashion writer to “rock the Boyfriend Shirt” online.

June 16, 2009- Beaumont Enterprise, Beumont, TX, and, “Awesomely bad 80s fashion makes a comeback

May 23, 2009-– “Dressing For Post-Divorce Dating Life. Start by tossing out all the undies that filled your pre-divorce lingerie drawer”

May 23, 2009-,There she is… Miss Whatever!

May 11, 2009– The Otttawa Citizen, Ottawa, Canada, and,”There she is … Miss Whatever. Beauty pageants may be passA© but the shows go on

May 07, 2009– Martha Stewart Living Radio, “Morning Living with Kim Fernandez and Betsy Karetnick,”Sirius Satellite Radio, “How to find the right handbag with fashion expert Sharon Haver”

May 06, 2009-, “Guest Blog: Color Trend: Blue from Blueberry to Cobalt

February 24, 2009- Courier Journal, Louisville, KY and,”First Lady of fashion? Icon or not, Michelle Obama attracts attention for her style choices

January 2009- ELLE magazine, in book, Can-Do Chic!

January 21, 2009- Press Association, U.K. wire service, “The First Lady’s Inaugural Gown and Style”

January 13, 2009 – Associated Content- Lifestyle, “Spring Shoe Fashion Watch for 2009

January 11, 2009,, “Should Older Men Wear Low-Rise Jeans?

January 9, 2009- Argus Leader, Sioux Falls, SD, and, “Sticking to the wardrobe basics

December 23, 2008-, “Susan Lucci: Soap Star Turns a Youthful 62

October 28, 2008- ELLE magazine, promotional mailing to its subscribers.

October 26, 2008- Courier-Journal and, Louisville, KY, “Easy-to-wear scarves punch up any outfit

October 17, 2008- The Ithaca Journal and, Ithaca, NY; “Easy-to-wear fall scarves perfect for day or night

October 10, 2008 – Norwich Bulletin (Gannett News Service), Norwich, CT and, “Want to make a statement this winter? Tie a scarf”

September 25, 2008- Press Release– Beta Announcement; “Fashion Web Site Puts an Edge on Everyday Style With Its Fashion New Beta Web Design, Plus Blog Launched” online link

September 20, 2008 – Appearance in partnership with ELLE Magazine, AK Anne Klein Style Wisdom event at Macy’s State Street, Chicago, IL. See photos from the event.

September 2008-, Time Inc. Custom Publishing/Unilever, “Fall Fashion Shopper’s Guide

September 12, 2008- Sioux Falls Argus Leader, Sioux Falls, SD and, “Simple scarves chic for fall”

June 2008- with Debbie Nigro– “What To Wear On The First Date — The Second Time Around” video

June 2008- – “Dress To Impress – Perfecting Your Post-Divorce Date Wardrobe

May 2008-, ‘What’s In and Out for Summer

February 27, 2008- Lifetime TV online –“What’s your panty personality

March – April 2008- Pink Magazine– “You are what you wear”

December 2007- – Fashion Reporter, “How to Shop for Cashmere” video

December 2007- – Fashion Reporter, “How to Care for Cashmere” video

December 2007- – Fashion Reporter, “How to Buy Bargain Cashmere” video

November 30, 2007- Most Popular Design Sites- Top 50 in Alexa

November 2007-– named Content Partner for fashion tips- Look smart, get smarter.

November 2007- NewsproNet- Syndicated TV Sweeps Feed, “Hot Trend: What Should I Wear”

Selected stations:

November 30, 2007- CBS- KEYETV – Central Texas, “Going online to be in style,” > watch clip

November 22, 2007- WTVM – Columbus,GA,USA,

What Should I Wear?” Fashion expert Sharon Haver says it’s a fun new way to express yourself. “I think it keeps a very informed community of style people out there…

November 19, 2007- WKEYC Television, Mankato, MN

Websites Help People Stay in Style” > watch clip

November 14, 2007- New York Women In Communications, November Newsletter– Cocktails & Conversations Presents: Meet Two Media Mavens – Hearst’s Cathie Black and O’s Gayle King

October 31, 2007- – The Style Network, “How can I dress for my shape?”

October 19, 2007 – Featured Style Expert on the social shopping network

September 19, 2007- NewsTalk650- The Brent Loucks Show, Rawlco Radio/Saskatchewan, CA, “Fall fashion for men”

August 9, 2007- The Record, NJ and, “Petite Shopping: Little Frames with One”

July 30, 2007- National Jeweler– “Colors of Gold”

May 22, 2007- Citrus County Chronicle, Citrus County, FL, “Bathing suits for every body. Get in the swim of things with these suitable tips

May 2007- Tigerbeat Magazine– “Zac’s Hair Diary: What’s up with Zac Efron’s hair?

April 8, 2007- Ledger-Enquirer, Columbus, OH and, “The power of pastels. Wear light, bright colors without looking like an Easter egg”

March 28, 2007- Growing Bolder radio and– “Hot as you want to be? It seems the fashion world is finally realizing that people do not stop caring about the hottest trends and styles after the age of 30.”

Listen to show | Website Interview

March 19, 2007- Miami Herald, Miami, FL and, “How to avoid his-and-hers fashion faux pas”

March 18, 2007- Augusta Chronicle, Augusta, Ga, and, “Springing into style”

March 11, 2007- Florida Today and, “Life: Break out the spring swimwear- what’s hot on the beach or by the pool”

March 11, 2007- Contra Costa Times, Contra Costa, CA, and, “Fashion dos and don’ts for comfortable travel”

March 4, 2007- The News-Leader, Staunton, VA, and, “Spring fashion: Green is the hue to have this season

February 10, 2007- Times Union, Albany, NY, and, “In-flight fashion: 21st-century jet-setters know comfort, layers, laceless footwear are in”

January 15, 2007- National Jeweler, and ,”Industry Forcast: 2007 Fashion Forecast”

January 2007- Beauty & Fashion Spokesperson- Syneron reFirme Radio Media Tour

Talk Show Appearances: Fashion, style and beauty trends for 2007- Listen to holiday ANR sample

USA Radio Network News, USA Radio Network- National Listen to show

Da Morning Show, KKUU-FM, Palm Springs, CA Listen to show

Jim Martin Show, WOHI-AM, Pittsburgh, PA Listen to Show

KWIXland Morning: Home Show, KWIX-AM–Columbus, OH Listen to show

Daybreak USA, USA Radio Network; Richard Curtis — National Listen to show

January 2007–, “Clothes Call: How to make sure neither you nor your mate makes any fashion faux pas.

January 2007- Kiplinger’smagazine and, “Worth every penny: 5 things to ask about Cashmere”

January 8, 2007- Press-Enterprise, Riverside, CA and ,, “The buzz on brown: By the bottle or birth, it’s the ‘in’ hair color”

January 2007- Avril Lavigne: People in the News, book by Yvonne Ventresca, Lucent Books, fashion and style interview quotes.

December 20, 2006- Press-Enterprise, Riverside, CA and ,, “Fashion: Let’s help Ugly Betty. Style experts give their tips to help TV’s favorite ugly duckling turn into a swan”

December 18, 2006- Living Today with Kerry Nolan on Martha Stewart Living Radio, “Holiday Beauty and Fashion Tips” Listen to show

November 30, 2006- The Tampa Tribune, Tampa, FL and, “Bootie Call

November 24, 2006- Augusta Chronicle, Augusta, GA and, “Plan of attack can ease stress of buying gifts

October 2006- Macy’s National Commercial, On-air Spokesperson / Fashion Guru

October 18, 2006- Associated Press,, “Red state/blue state? Check the tie”

also (partial list)-

October 18, 2007- Austin American Statesman, Austin TX, and, “IMAGES — Red state/blue state? Check the tie”

October 18, 2007- The Columbian, Clark County, WA , and, “IMAGES — Red state/blue state? Check the tie”

October 18, 2007- The Daily Sentinel, Nacogdoches, TX, and, “IMAGES — Red state/blue state? Check the tie”

October 19, 2007, The Times West Virginian, Fairmont, WV, and, “Red state/blue state? Check the tie”

October 21, 2007- News-Observer, Raleigh/Durham, NC, and, ‘When it comes to political symbols, it’s a tie. Candidates dress to convey image”

October 25, 2006- The Press-Enterprise, Riverside CA, and, “Colors Tie Up Their Image. POLITICS: The president and other politicians pick neckwear to help convey their message”

October 25, 2006- The Play, New Haven, CT, and, “It’s all in the tie”

October 29, 2007- The Journal-Gazette, Fort Wayne, IN and, “Politicians tied up in reds, blues”

November1, 2006- Tahlequah Daily Press, Tahlequah, OK, and, “Red, blue hues don’t necessarily â€~tie’ into political platforms”

October 1, 2006– National Jeweler and, “Goodbye, matchy-matchy: Metals are getting all mixed up”

September 2006- Real Simple Magazine, “Hooked on belts- four styles, 12 ways to wear them”

September 29, 2006- Rochester Business Journal, Rochester, NY, “Style: For a signature look, tap the pros

September 9, 2006- New York Newsday, New York, NY, and, “Tips: Don’t dress your age, dress your shape

September 8, 2006- Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, and, “Fall’s fashions tend to be sensible, durable”

August 28, 2006- The National Examiner, “Looking Good: The Skinny on Skinny Jeans

August 25, 2006-Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, and, “School fashion trends for fall”

August 9, 2006- Fond du Lac Reporter, Fond du Lac, WI and, “Jeans Shopping Guide: What you should know about buying jeans, other fashion trends”

July 2, 2006- News-Journal, Longview, TX and, “Skimpy, successful at 60: The bikini is still popular decades after its creation made waves

June 27, 2006- Woman’s World, “How to give yourself a not-so-extreme makeover

June 16, 2006- National Jeweler, “Summer Spotlight: Breezy summer styles call for dressed down jewels and

May 30, 2006- The Gazette, Colorado Springs CO and, “Drowning in the jean pool. Haphazard hunts for right fit, fabric can make shoppers blue”

also (partial list)-

July 5, 2005-, “Defeating Denim Despair

Jun. 25, 2006- Fort Worth Star Telegraph, Fort Worth, TX and, “WHAT TO WEAR- Tangled up in blue

June 23, 2006- Detroit Free Press, Detroit, MI and,”THE PERFECT PAIR OF JEANS: With options multiplying, the search for the best fit can be an ordeal

June 16, 2006-The Biloxi Sun Herald, Biloxi, MS and, “Denim dilemma. Haphazard hunts for right fit, fabric can make shoppers blue

June 15, 2006-The Record, Herald News, Bergen, NJ, and, “Searching for the perfect pair of jeans

June 11, 2006-The Seattle Times, Seattle WA and, “Wearer beware of “mom jeans

June 9, 2006-The Arizona Daily Star, Tuscon, AZ and, “Buying your dream jeans may well try your patience

June 7, 2006- The News-Sentinel, Fort Wayne, IN, and, “Haphazard hunts for right fit, fabric can make shoppers blue

May 18, 2006- Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque, NM and, “Garden Clogs Embraced by Fashionistas Despite Look— or Because of It

May 16, 2006- AP- asap, wire and,”FASHION- So long, trucker: Meet the Mao hat

also (partial list)-

May 20, 2006- St. Petersburg Times, St. Petersburg, Fla, and, “Communist leader or fashion icon?

May 16, 2006-, Portland, ME, “FASHION — So long, trucker: Meet the Mao hat

May 16, 2006- The Daily Sentinel, Grand Junction, Co. and, “FASHION — So long, trucker: Meet the Mao hat

May 16, 2006- The Gazette, Coloroado Springs, CO and, “So long, trucker: Meet the Mao hat

May 19-2006- Waco Tribune Herald, Waco, TX and, “Mao Hat”

May 19, 2006- The Modesto Bee, Modesto Ca, and,So long, trucker: Meet the Mao hat

May 8, 2006- AP- asap, wire and, “Branding Emo: Fall Out Boy

also (partial list)-

May 2006- The Dayton Daily News, Dayton, OH, and, “Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz a media mogul?

May 2006,– “Music: branding EMO”

May 8, 2006- The Columbian, Clark County, Washington,, “Branding Emo

May 8, 2006- The Beaufort Gazette, Beaufort, South Carolina and, “Branding Emo

May 16, 2006-, Kansas City, MO, “Fall Out Boy bassist brands emo

May 4, 2006- The Press-Enterprise, Riverside, CA and, “Big Squeeze On Fashion: Plus-Size Clothing”

April 10, 2006, The National Examiner, “Looking Good: Give your man a style makeover

March 25, 2006, The National Enquirer, “Sharon Stone: How to look great in a white shirt by the people who know best- Sharon Haver

March 25, 2006, The Times Union, Albany NY, “On the Edge- A Leg Up- 80’s Leggings”

March 6, 2006, The National Enquirer, “Eva Longeria: How to look good in five minutes flat by the people who know best- Sharon Haver

March 1, 2005, National Jeweler and, “Fashions for spring 2006”

January 15, 2006, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh, PA, and, “Expecting? Keep your travel wardrobe low-maintenance
January 1, 2006, National Jeweler and, “Fashion: Jewelry enjoyed a wild ride in 2005

Dec 26, 2005- National Examiner, “Looking Good: Find the boot that’s right for you

November 20, 2005- Albuquerque Journal and ABQonline, Albuquerque, NM, “Moms-To-Be Thank Their Fashion Stars That Maternity Wear Has Dumped the Frump”

November 13, 2005- Poughkeepsie Journal, Poughkeepsie, NY and, “Dressing right helps lose weight,” The Diet Detective by Charles Stuart Platkin, nationally syndicated in over 165 daily newspapers.

also (partial list)-

Nov. 17, 2005- The Miami Herald and, Miami FL, “Clothes can Camouflage a Bulky Body

Nov. 10, 2005-, Delmarva “The Way You Dress Can Make You Look Thinner–Or Fatter–Than You Actually Are
Nov. 11, 2005- WBAI- ABC TV– Greenbay, WI, “Dressing Right Helps You Lose Weight, Fargo, ND, ” Dressing Right…, Amirillo, TX, “Dressing Right…

Nov. 17, 2005- The Sun News and MyrtleBeachOnline, Myrtle Beach, NC, “Dressing Right…

Nov.20, 2005- The Buffalo News and, Buffalo NY, “Dressing Right…

Nov. 15, 2005- News-Leader and, Springfield, MO, “Want to lose that weight? Try dressing thin

Nov.16, 2005- Victoria Advocate and victoriaadvocateonline, Victoria, TX, “Thinking thin when you dress helps motivate weight loss

Nov. 24, 2005- The Honolulu Advisor, Honolulu, Hawai and, “Dressing Thinner…

October 31, 2005- New York Daily News, New York, NY and, “Camilla looks doggone chic

also (partial list)-

Nov.1, 2005- – Bray, Ireland, “American public are not convinced Charles and Camilla visit is to Di for”

Nov.2, 2005- Daily Mail– London, U.K., “The Duchess of Cornwell’s greatest problem is getting American’s to accept her…”

September 16, 2005- National Jeweler and, “Hollywood Diva”

Fall 2005 issue- Tango Magazine, “Night And Day- First date outfits”

September 2005- Bop Magazine, “Pick your Crush. Style expert Sharon Haver helps you decide”

September 04, 2005- The Buzz Factor with Mark Hughes, national syndicated talk radio show, “Hair trends: Pigtails- hot or because it’s hot?”

September 2, 2005, Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, In, and, “Fanny packed”

August 26, 2005- Tallahassee Democrat, Tallahassee, FL, “Round rears are in

August 28, 2005- San Jose Mercury News, San Jose, CA and, “Get back, Loretta! But be careful how you do it ”

August 26, 2005- The Charlotte Observer, Charlotte, NC and, “Packing much back”

August 25, 2005- The Seattle Times, Seattle, WA anseattletimes.nwsource.comnd , “Shapewear creates a rounder rear view

also (partial list)-

Republican- American, Waterbury, CT, The State, Charlotte Observer, Seattle Times, The Herald, Rockhill, SC, Centre Daily Times, Lansing State Journal, San Jose Mercury News

Wichita Eagle, The Clarion-Ledger

August 25, 2005- The Clarion-Ledger, Real, MS and, “‘Shapewear’ gives women a rounder rear view

August 24, 2005- The News-Sentinel, Fort Wayne, IN and ,”Want a rounder rear view? The `shapewear products’ are looking for you

August 18, 2005- The Herald, Rockhill SC and, “They’re not just for winter. Cords are all the rage … and they’re softer now

August 11, 2005- Orlando Sentinel, Orlando, FL and, “These boots are made for more than walking. Today’s Western footwear is a haute style statement even in a hot summer.

July 28, 2005- The New York Times, NY, NY, and, “Having a Moment- Western Boots. Girls in Boots: Attitude On the Hoof”

July 25, 2005- Lansing State Journal (Gannet News Service) Lansing, MI and, “Thrifty Threads: ‘Toss-away’ fashion helps trendy shoppers save, still look chic

July 16, 2005- National Jeweler, “Summer inspires a bohemian rhapsody of beads, colors”

July 12, 2005- The State, Columbia, SC and, “The BOTTOM line: Want a rounder rear view? The â€~shapewear products’ are looking for you

July 10, 2005- The Charlotte Observer, Charlotte, SC “Time to top off the manly head

July 10, 2005- Miami Herald, Miami FL and, “Time to top off the manly head

July 7, 2005- The Pueblo Chieftain, Pueblo, CO, “Hat Trick

June 22, 2005- Lansing State Journal, Lansing MI and, “Dads, dudes can look good in the right hat

June 19, 2005- Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH and, “Dads and dudes can all look good in just the right chapeau

June 15, 2005- The News-Sentinal, Fort Wayne, IN and, “Dads and dudes can all look good in just the right hat

June 13, 2005-, “Health quiz: Do You Know How to Dress Thin? Skip the gym and still look slim with clever fashion picks.”


May 25, 2005- Toledeo Blade, Toledo, OH and, “Comfy and casual flip-flops: Thongs have become must-have footwear

May 23, 2005- Lynchburg News & Advance, Lynchburg, VA and, “Bathing beauty

May 10, 2005- The Roanoke Times, Roanoke, VA and, “Cukoo for Flip Flops

May 05, 2005- Lexington Herald Leader, Lexington, KY and “Put a Lid on it. Hats: They’re not just for women.” Also- June 25, Kansas City Star, Kansas City, MO and

April 22, 2005- WebMD– “Plus-Size Panache. Spring offers fashions that are perfect for every body

April 2005- Twist Magazine, “Style On Trial”- Ashlee Simpson, Eve, Erika Christiansen, Christina Milian, Bethany Joy Lenz– Sharon Haver, Guest Judge

March 20, 2005- Union Tribune, San Diego, CA and “Spring-Summer Fashion and Style 2005- Fresh Style

March 2005- Twist Magazine, “Style On Trial”- Sarah Michelle Geller, Anne Hathaway, Kirsten Dunst, Leelee Sobieski, Julia Stiles– Sharon Haver, Guest Judge

March 13, 2005- The News-Star, Monroe, LA and “Put spring into your step with sequined sandals

March 13, 2005- The News-Star, Monroe, LA and “Look to cartoon characters, flowers when picking clothes for children

Mach 05, 2005- Copley News Service, SPRING-SUMMER FASHION AND STYLE 2005 syndicated supplement, “Fresh Style- Update your look with something a little trendy”

March 05,2005- The News-Star, Monroe, LA and “Total Package

February 21, 2005-, “Too Many Fashion Websites? Time to Focus on Style”

February 2005-Twist Magazine, “Crimes of Fashion– Style on Trial” Nicole Ritchie, JoJo, Christina Milian, Brittany Murphy, Ashlee Simpson — Sharon Haver, Guest Judge

January 18, 2005- Woman’s World Magazine– “Sharon Haver says how one white shirt can Stretch Your Whole Wardrobe!

January 2005- Twist Magazine, “Crimes of Fashion– Style on Trial” Mandy Moore, Sophia Bush, Tara Reid, Missy Eliott, and Melissa Joan Hart — Sharon Haver, Guest Judge

December 2004- Tribune Media Services; On the Mark Media– Spring Bridal Supplement, “Fresh Start: Bridal wear takes cues from nature as ceremonies head outdoors

December 14, 2004- The Best of Beauty radio show with Cherelynn, Achieve Radio, “Holiday gift ideas in fashion, What’s in right now, Spring preview” Listen to clip

December 10, 2004- The Rush Limbaugh Show, “Desperate Housewives: Up With Small Breasts!” *listen to clip click to listen

December 10, 2004- Chicago Sun Times, Chicago, IL, “Housewives’ ushers in natural bustlines

December 2004- Twist Magazine, “Crimes of Fashion– Style on Trial” Laura Prepon, Mischa Barton, Leelee Sobieski, Amy Lee, Maggie Gylllenhaal — Sharon Haver, Guest Judge

November 14, 2004- Eagle-Tribune, North Andover MA. “Cheap Chic– Women view frugal fashions from top designers as little more than a label”

November 1, 2004- National Jeweler, “Fashion spikes jewelry’s allure

October 22, 2004- Swedish Radio, Politiskt mode och kritik pa modet (Political fashion style)

October 8, 2004- Yahoo! News, “, Trend Shopping Site Launched by

October 6, 2004- Chattanooga Times Free Press, Chattanooga, TN, “Uggs- These boots were made for hawking

November 2004- Tiger Beat, “The secret language of boys: stylish sweeties

October 2004- Twist Magazine, “Crimes of Fashion- Style on Trial” Claire Danes, Kristin Kreuik, Serena Williams, Samantha Mathias, and Tara Reid– Sharon Haver, Guest Judge

September 2004- Hispanic Magazine and , “Casual Attire Gets the Pink Slip

September 4, 2004, The Financial Times, “Going where fashion fits

August 21, 2004- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, “Purses are arm candy for buyers

September 13, 2004- First for Women magazine, Smart Saves Column- “My husband’s co-workers saw my thong!

*August 3, 2004- The Best of Beauty radio show with Cherelynn, Achieve Radio, “Beauty trends” Listen to clip

August 2004 –Entrepreneur Magazine and, “To a Tee Saucy shirts are a smart–and hot–statement.

July 1, 2004- Women’s Wear Daily, WWD, Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor- “Cheap Chic” Re-release

June 30, 2004- Lycos, “Sharon Haver, Founder of, Name Erroneously Used With STAYFREE(R) Clean, Fresh Start Sweepstakes

June 30, 2004- Yahoo! Finance, “Sharon Haver, Founder of, Name Erroneously Used With STAYFREE(R) Clean, Fresh Start Sweepstakes

June 30, 2004- The Missourian, Columbia Missouri and, “Don’t buy into online â€~designer’ deals, make certain it’s the real thing

July 21, 2004- Yahoo! TV, “How to get that hot summer look

June 20, 2004- The National Enquirer and, “How to get that hot summer look

June 2004- WebMD Weight Loss Clinic, “What to Wear While You Lose Weight

May 6, 2004- Women’s Wear Daily, WWD, Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor- “Cheap Chic

*April 23, 2004- Jason Bird with the MIX Interactive Road Show, 96.9FM KAML-FM (Basin Radio Network), Gillette, WY; Rapid City market, “Spring Fashion with Sharon Haverlisten to clip

April 20, 2004- Daily Camera and, Boulder, CO, “CU grad creates retro-look attire

April 15, 2004- The Record and , Bergen, NJ- “Hattitude for guys

April 2004- Nurses World Magazine– “The Classic Club: Fashion Made Simple”

April 2004- Pretty Witty– “Good girl gone bad

March 25, 2004- The Herald-Sun and, Durham, NC, “‘50s femininity in style for spring

March 19, 2004- Roanoke Times and, Roanoke, VA, “Wrap it up, Scarves re-emerge as a hot fashion trend

March 15, 2004- The Philadelphia Daily News, Philadelphia, PA, “Getting Hosed!

March 8, 2004- The National Enquirer, “Don’t make a spectacle of yourself! Eyeglasses aren’t just medical devices anymore- now they’ve become trendy fashion accessories!”

March 5, 2004- Copley News Service, “LOGO A GO-GO Designer’s mark gives a feeling of power, luxury SPRING-SUMMER FASHION AND STYLE 2004.”

February 22, 2004- Eagle-Tribune, Andover, Mass, “The spread of metrosexuality

April 2004- Tiger Beat Magazine, “Orlando Bloom’s Style File

October/November 2003- Twist Magazine, “Extreme Makeover, The Look of Fame: Kelly Clarkson

September 23, 2003- Woman’s World Magazine, “Look like you’ve been working out”

September 23, 2003- Woman’s World Magazine, “Custom jeans”

August 8, 2003-, “The 5 Most Flattering Bathing Suits

*August 5, 2003- UPN9 News, WWOR-TV, New York City- “Back-to-School Fashionswatch clip

*July 23, 2003- UPN9 News, WWOR-TV, New York City- feature segment, “Fashion Bargains” watch clip

July 18, 2003-– The Trend Mill, “Yum Pop, rat tails and sake-bombing

July 11, 2003- Reno Gazette-Journal, Reno, NV; “Night Owwwt!Anything goes when it comes to club attire”

July 11, 2003- Reno Gazette-Journal, Reno, NV; “Mix the attitude with Altoids, and hit the town

May 29, 2003- Chicago Sun Times, Chicago, IL, “Why go on a diet? Camouflage fat with thinning tips

May 27, 2003-, “Your In-Between Wardrobe” and on FoS

May 18, 2003- Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque, NM, “A Fashion Flip(Flop)

May 15,2003 – San Antonio Express-News, “When it comes to swimwear, just accentuate your positives

May 3, 2003- Times Union, Albany NY, “Fashion Fling- Most edicts get the boot when it comes to today’s clothing scene

March 2003 – Sisterhood is Forever: The Women’s Anthology for a New Millenium by Robin Morgan, Editor; Publisher Washington Square; book mention

February 20, 2003- Indianapolis Star, “Shaping eyebrows is a small chore, but it’s also big business

February 2003-, Tips on making the most of the year’s â€~Day of Love’

February 7, 2003- Health, “Valentine’s Day: Look, Feel Better

January 28, 2003- Edmonton Journal,Canada, “Eyebrows truly love professional attention

January 25, 2003- The Times Union, Albany, NY, “A Brow Beating

January 14, 2003– FAMILY CIRCLE Magazine; circulation 4,712,548– “Fashion & Beauty Know-How

October 6, 2002- The New York Times– On The Street Bill Cunningham, photographed, “Ties Optional

April 6, 2002- Alexa.comFeatured Site as a site that is popular with Alexa Toolbar users

February 27, 2002– The Herald Sun (Australia)- Fashion’s rebels set to sound off

February 25, 2002- Palm Beach Post (Palm Beach, FL)- Grammy fashions

February 15, 2002- The Post-Standard and (Syracuse, NY)- 80’s Fashion

December 2001- Web Site of the Week The IBS Network

December 13, 2001- The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA)

December 1, 2001- Denver Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO)- Style Matters, KEEP IT CHIC THE COMPANY CHRISTMAS PARTY IS NO PLACE TO DRESS LIKE

November 10, 2001-Internet Cool Site of The Day Award

Site of the Day November 9,

November 2001- Fast Company MagazineFast 50 Trendsetter Global Reader’s Challenge

Site of the Day- Ask Men

Syndicate World- Editor and Publisher

Syndicates On the Internet- Presstime

August 30, 1999- New York Post, “Flashback Fashion” by Libby Calloway; vintage clothing profile with Sharon Haver

July 24, 1998- Naples Daily News (Naples, FL), “Fashion: The Sak is in, fanny packs are out”


Other Media…

My career transcends three decades of styling people and brands to put their best look forward whether commercially, editorially or through my style mentoring and business coaching.

All my tips come from my real world professional experience.

As a bootstrapping entrepreneur with a business degree in Marketing and a graduate of an extensive amount of business and personal development programs and high-level masterminds, my advice is based on how I successfully run my online business since 1999.

As my behind-the-scenes skills of operating an online business are more in the forefront, I am a frequent source of helping other entrepreneurs create a business that attracts high-level clients.

I have empowered countless women to take control of their look my mastering stylist skills through my fashion advice that has appeared in hundreds of newspapers via my Scripps Howard News Service syndicated column and in its online home of which I founded as a bootstrapping entrepreneur in 1999.

As a fashion and style expert, I have been featured in media such as Real Simple,, Martha Stewart Radio,, ELLE, and even starred in my own Macy’s TV commercial as the fashion guru.

My work as a New York fashion stylist on photography shoots appeared on the covers of VOGUE Mexico, Ladies Home Journal, and in the pages numerous catalogs and advertising campaigns from Avon to Macy’s, including starring in my own Macy’s TV commercial.

Learn more about my style expertise and business strategies, here.

I starred in my own national Macy’s TV commercial as the Fashion Guru.
I starred in my own national Macy’s TV commercial as the Fashion Guru.

Video + TV Appearances can be found on our Video Library Page.

My syndicated Focus on Style fashion advice was distributed to 400 newspapers each week by the Scripps Howard News Wire.

Some newspapers that featured the Focus on Style newswire column:

As a photography fashion stylist for a cornucopia of clients for over 15 years, Sharon enhanced the look of magazine covers/pages, catalogs, advertisements, commercials, industrials, and visual imaging.

Her score of styling accounts included: Ladies Home Journal, Vogue Mexico, Us Magazine, Live! With Regis And Kathie Lee, A Current Affair, Avon, Macy’s, Sigred Olsen, Candies, Le Tigre, Perry Ellis, Pepsi Cola, VF Corporation (Basset Walker, Hathaway, Lollipops, Lee Jeans, Skeets, and Cottonworks), Gantos Department Stores, Bamberger’s, GTE, BMG Music, IBM, Manufacturer’s Hanover Trust, RJ Reynolds, Lady Manhattan, Oleg Cassini Suits and Night, Evan-Picone, Merona, In Fashion Magazine, Gunnar, Zoom, American Photographer, Soap Opera Weekly, and others.

Learn more about Sharon Haver.

To schedule a Media Interview or for a Commercial Booking, please click here

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