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  • Pre Oscar Beauty- Age-Appropriate Celebrity Glam- Your Twenties, Part 1of 3

    Michelle Williams and her pixie cut

    The Oscars are coming! Are you ready for a heady source of fresh celebrity style inspiration direct from the red carpet? Pre-game  your Oscar beauty with hair & makeup stylist Gad Cohen as we look at top Hollywood actresses while helping you up your own beauty-regime ante with this start of a three-day series on Oscar worthy style through the ages! – N.H.

    As we watch the stars we idolize and consider trying to emulate, don’t forget that we’re all acting. Our daily performance starts when we walk out into the world and into our own spotlights.

    Oscar Aries
    Oscar Aries

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    We have all at some point experienced the “fabulous fakes” as they go from seamless hair extensions and flawless individual eyelashes, to the airbrushed foundation, costume jewelry and faux furs.  Marilyn Monroe was the true illusion-maker when it came to putting on the drag and was a far cry from Shirley McClain peeling an onion in Postcards from the Edge. Face it, people will judge you on the way you look as we tend to not radiate the strongest sense of confidence when we don’t try to look our best.  Not to say that every day has to be Halloween – you gotta name it to claim it or own it. Whether you’re wearing extensions, false lashes or a fake tan, wear it, don’t let it wear you.

    FAME – it might get you in the door, but hard work will keep you in the room.

    Michelle Williams as Marilyn MonroeMichelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

     Act 1: Play Dress-Up

    You’re in your 20’s, have fun and be expressive with your look while keeping it looking delightfully put together, just look at Michelle Williams forever-chic yet youthful glamor for inspiration…

    From the turbulent “tweens” to the fun-filled 20’s,  all should be aspirational.  Ask yourself, “who am I” and “who do I want to be today?” Every day you should be able to morph into what you feel, with ease. That will pull off the look since you’re young enough to get away with it for now, but don’t forget to experiment with it so you know what to do and what NOT to do. In the midst of your experiment, keep in mind to stick to a daily routine and don’t forget to wash your makeup off when you go to bed, and condition that hair of yours. –Gad Cohen

    Consider these essential tips from Gad for Marilyn-esque bounce:

    Photos: Gad Cohen

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